Museum, Museology and New Museology

Museum, Museology and New Museology

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Author: Anupama Bhatnagar
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 153
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8175740868


A systematic and comprehensive study, covering a wide spectrum of knowledge relating to entire evolutive process of mueums and museology, right from their inception till the close of the present century, has been a long desideratum. Whereas museums and museology have undergone fantastic conceptual and functional transformation in the developed world, leading to the birth of New Museology alongwith its multiple paradigms such as the Integral Museum, Community museum and eco-museum etc, museology in most of the developing countries is still restricted to the training of personnel on museum methods and techniques. Their museums still continue the conventional approach to conserve and interpret the objects material cultural with a view to eulogise the past which creates nostalgia in the minds of the peple.

The present treatise Museum, Museology and New Museology is a first ever sincere attempt to place all divergent researches, views and opinions published through the international journals, reports and proceedings of various conferences, workshops and seminars for the benefit of young museum personnel, researchers and students of museology. It is a pity that the journals and other museological publications of ICOM and ICOFOM, which are the main organs of UNESCO to develop museology as an independent science, are falling worker, not to speak of researchers and students of museology.

It is earnestly hoped that the Publications of Museum, Mueology and New Museology, which is based on the international researches and practical experience of the leading museologists of the world, will throw a welcome light on the new trends and recent developments occurring elsewhere in the realm of museums and museology so as to bring fresh-air and provide deep insight on the subject. It is also hoped that the book will inspire other scholars to take up the study further to revitalize Indian museums and museology so as to evolve new concepts and paradigms suiting the socio-cultural needs of the country.





1. Museum as Social Institution

2. Museology: The Concept, Nature and Scope

3. New Museology or New Museum Movement?

4. New Models/New Museum Typology

5. Conclusion