Material Culture of Sanchi

Material Culture of Sanchi

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Author: K Krishna Murthy
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 1983
Language: English
Pages: 346
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8175740647


Sanchi, the ancient Sangharama (in district Raisen, Madhya Pradesh,) well-known for its magnificent Buddhist edifices - stupas, temples, monasteries and memorial pillars, has been attracting the attention of the art lovers and the archaeologists alike ever since its rediscovery by General Tylor in 1818.

The book recounts the contemporary life reflected in the Sanchi sculptures. The architecture, mode of dress, coiffure, personal ornaments, the weapons of war revealing the high-class military life, the musical instruments be speaking the civilized mind of the people, have all been brought within the compass of sculptural art. This richly illustrated work projects an in-depth, authentic account of Sanchi's material culture.




Chapter One : Historical Background
Chapter Two : Architecture
Chapter Three : Costume
Chapter Four : personal Ornaments
Chapter Five : Coiffure and Head Dress
Chapter Six : Musical Instruments
Chapter Seven : Vessels and other House-hold Objects
Chapter Eight : Furniture
Chapter Nine : Conveyances
Chapter Ten : Weapons
Chapter Eleven : Games, Amusements and Other Pastimes
Chapter Twelve : Miscellaneous Objects and Other Items
Chapter Thirteen : Royal Insignia
Chapter Fourteen : Flora and Fauna