Glimpses of Indian Culture, Architecture, Art and Religion

Glimpses of Indian Culture, Architecture, Art and Religion

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Author: K V Soundara Rajan
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 1981
Language: English
Pages: 362
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8175740353


The volume of thirty-one essays by the author, coming close on heels of the earlier volume, under the same main title and covering therein topics on History and Archaeology, is a round- up of some of the significant contributions on the entire gamut of architecture, art and allied religion.
The first five essays deal with the formative stages of temples plan, its articulations and interactions under Buddhism and Brahmanism, covering the regions extending from Rajasthan through Gujarat and Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh to Karnataka and Andhra.

The next six papers allow us to feel and imbibe the specific regional trends in architecture, variously under the Chalukyas, Rashtrakutas, early Pallavas and Hoysalas, along with a dissertation on Jainism in Tamil Nadu. The subsequent twelve essays delve deep into the kaleidoscopic cult-play on Brahmanical Hinduism, expounding some cardinal concepts such as linga placement in Vishnu, Siva-Nataraja iconic tradition, and literature as a mirror of art, the Devi cult and the Krishna manifestation.

The book's further six essays discerningly analyse variously the Manipravala tradition in the southern religious literature, the South Asian echo of the epic and Puranic lore and art, and three major Bhakti offerings from southern Vaishnavism and, the comprehensive and basic character of the Sapta-dvipa tradition and its cult derivations.






1. Beginnings of the Temple Plan
2. Brahmanical Early Structural Architecture-Some Aspects
3. Stylistic Trends in Ajanta Mahayana Cave Art
4. Early Temple Origins in Lower Deccan-With Special Reference to Nagarjunakonda
5. Kaustubha Prasada-New Light on Jayakhya Tantra
6. Main and Parivara Shrines-Some Aspects
7. On the Chronology of Ellora Caves
8. rock-Cut Temples at Masrur
9. Rajasimha`s Temples in Tondaimandalam
10. Main Trends in the Hoysala Temple Style
11. Two Unusual Temple Models in Mysore Area
12. Jina Art and Architecture in Tamilnadu
13. Cult Pattern of Early Indian Art
14. The Chakravarti Concept and the Chakra
15. The Typology of the Anantasayi Icons
16. Cult in the Pallava Temples
17. The Significance of the Siva-Nataraja Iconic Tradition
18. Lakulisa and Linga Polymorphism
19. The Art-Spectrum of the Eastern Seaboard of India
20. A Unique Ravana Theme Sculpture From Lakkundi
21. The Iconic Development of the Early Tamils
22. Vaishnavism and its Images
23. The Eternal Charmer : Krishna and His Manifestations
24. A Devi-Cult Nucleus at Jagat, Rajasthan
25. A Magnificent Saptamatrika Froup and Parvati From Vadaval
26. Hindu Epic and Puranic Traditions in South East Asia
27. Manipravala Form-Its Context in Dravidian Literature
28. Paduka Sahasra-The Crown Jewel of Vishnu-Dharma
29. Dramidopanishadsara of Venkatanatha
30. Sachchharitra Raksha of Sri Vedanta Desika-A Study
31. The Sapta-Dvipa Concept in Indian Heritage