Encyclopaedia of References : Human Life and Wisdom (Set in 2 Volumes)

Encyclopaedia of References : Human Life and Wisdom (Set in 2 Volumes)

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Author: Henry Southgate
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 1993
Language: English
Pages: 736
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185066566


The present voluminous compilation seeks to make available the treasure of all the possible references on the vast and mysterious dimensions of human life and wisdom. It is a systematic record of the reflections of great seers, philosophers, scientists statesmen, thinkers, poets, writers, observers, theologians and the like on various aspects of life.

The various authors whose sentiments are embodied herein include Dante, Cervantes, La Bruyere, Rochefoucauld, Rousseau, Lavater, Franklins, Shakespeare, Pope, Swift, Carlyle, Dickens, Longfellow, Macaulay, Sigourney, Tennyson and Thackeray.

These are arranged so as to correspond to the alphabetically categorized abstractions of the dynamics of life embracing Feelings, Emotions, Experiences and Revelations, under different heads and subheads.



Abdication, Abilities, Ability, Absence, Absentees, Absolutism, Abstinence, Abstractedness, Abstracts, Abuse, Accident, Accidents, Acclamation, Accomplishments, Account, Accumulation, Accusation, Achievement, Acquaintance, Acquirement, Acquisition, Acrimony, Action, Actions, Activity, Actors, Acts, Acuteness, Adaptation, Address, Adieu, Admiration, Admonition, Advantage, Adventure, Adversity, Advice, Advocate, Affection, Affectation, Affections, Affliction, Afflictions, Affronts, Africa and Africans, Afternoon, Age, Ages, Agreeableness, Agreement, Agriculture, Agriculturist, Alarm, Alarms, Alchemist, Alcohol, Alderman, Aldermen`s Feast, Ale, Alienation, Allegiance, Allegories, Alliteration, Almighty, Almsgiving, Alps Amazement, Amazonian Spirit, Ambiguity, Ambition, Amends, American Scenery, Amity, Amusement, Anarchy, Anathema, Anatomy, Ancestry, Anecdotes, Angel, Angels, Anger, Angler, Anglo-Saxon Tongue, Annoyances, Anonymous, Answer, Anticipation, Antidote, Antipathies, Antiquary, Antiquity, Antithesis, Ants, Anxiety, Aphorisms, Apollo, Apology, Apostasy, Apostles, Apparel, Appeal, Appearances, Applause, Application, Appreciation, Apprehension, Apprehensions, Approbation, Apprehension, Approbation, April, Argument, Aristocracy, Art, Artifice, Artist, Arts, Ascetic, Aspen, Aspirations. Asseveration, Assignation, Assistance, Associates, Association, Astonishment, Astrology, Astronomy, Atheism, Atheist, Athens, Atmosphere, Attachments, Attention, Attitude, Attorney, Author, Authority, Authors, Authorship, Autobiography, Autumn, Avarice, Avenue, Aversion, Awe, Axioms, Babblers, Babes, Baby, Babyhood, Bacchus, Bachelor, Ball, Ballads, Banishment, Banquet, Barbers, Bard, Bards, Bargains, Bashfulness, Bat, Bathing, Battle, Battle-Field, Beasts, Beatitude, Beau, Beautiful, Beautiful Things, Beauty, Bed-Chamber, Bed-Time, Bees, Beggar, Beggary, Beginning a Thing, Behaviour, Belief, Bell, Belle, Nells, Beneficence, Benefits, Benevolence, Bereavement, Betrayment, Betrothed, Bewilderment, Bible, Bigtory, Bile, Bills, Biographer, Biography, Birds, Birth, Birthday, Bishops, Blacksmith, Blessings, Blest, Blindness, Bliss, Blockhead, Blossoms, Blows, Blutness, Blushing, Blusterer, Boasting, Body, Body-Snatching, Boldness, Bombs, Bonaparte, Bond, Book, Books, Book-Worm, Boots, Borderer, Bores, Borrowing, Bottle, Bounds, Bounties, Bounty, Bower, Boyhood, Boyish Religion, Boys, Braggarts, Brain, Brave, Brave Hearts, Bravery, Breeze, Brevity, Bribery, Bridal Morn, Bride, Britain, Briton, Broadcloth, Broken Heart, Broken Spirit, Brook, Brother, Brotherhood, Brotherly Love, Brutes, Building, Bullies, Burial, Business, Busy-Bodies, "But", "But Yet", Butler, Butterfly, Buying, Bygone Days, Calamity, Calm, Calmness, Calumny, Camera Obscure, Candour, Cant, Canting Teacher, Capabilities, Capacity, Captiousness, Cards, Care, Carelessness, Cares, Cares and Joys, Caricaturist, Cascade, Castle, Cataract, Cathedrals, Catholicity, Cause, Caution, Cavalry, Celerity, Celestial Bodies, Cells, Cemetery, Censoriousness, Censure, Ceremonials, Ceremony, Charging, Challenge, Chance, Chancery, Change, Changes, Chaos, Character, Characteristics, Characters, Charities, Charity, Chastity, Cheating, Cheer, Cheerfulness, Chess, Child, Childhood, Children, Choice, Choler, Choosing, Chords, Christ, Christian, Christian Faith, Christian Soldier, Christianity, Christians, Christmas, Christmas-Day, Church, Church Music, Church of England, Church Porch, Churchman, Churchyard, Churchyard and Cemetery, Churlishness, Cigar, Ciphers, Circumspection, Circumstances, Cities, Citizens, Civil War, Civility, Civilization, Clairvoyance, Cleanless, Clemency, Clergy, Clergymen, Cliff, Cliffs, Climates, Clock, Cloister, Cloud, Clouds, Clown, Coach, Coachman, Cock, Cold-Blooded, Cold-Water Cure, College Education, Collision, Colonialization, Comet, Comets, Comfort, Comforter, Command, Commander, Commendation, Commerce, Committee, Commonalty, Commonwealth, Communion, Companions, Company, Comparison, Compass, Compassion, Compensation, Competence, Competency, Competition, Competence, Competency, Competition, Complaining, Complaisance, Compliments, Comportment, Comprehensiveness, Compulsion, Concealment, Conceit, Concentration, Conciliation, Conclusion, Condensing, Condition old Life, Conduct, Confidence, Confounders, Confusion, Congeniality, Congratulation, Conjectures, Conqueror, Conquest, Conscience, Consciousness, Consecrated Ground, Consideration, Consistency, Consolation, Conspiracy, Conspirator, Constable, Constancy, Consternation, Constitution, Consumption, Contemplation, Contempt, Content, Content and Pain, Contention, Contentment, Contradiction, Contrast, Control, Controversy, Contumely, Conversation, Conversions, Conviction, Coquette, Correspondence, Corruption, Cosmetics, Costumes, Cottage, Cottafe, Cottage Fireside, Cottage Ornee, Councillor, Counsel, Counsels, Countenance, Counteraction, Country, Country Maiden, Courage, Courier, Court, Courtesy, Courtiers, Courts, Courtship, Covetousness, Coward, Cowardice, Cowards, Coxcomb, Crackling, Creation, Creator, Creditor, Creditors, Credulity, Creeds, Crime, Criticism, Critics, Crowds, Crown, Cruelty, Culture, Cunning, Cunning and Discretion, Curiosity, Current, Curses, Cursing, Custom, Customs, Cynic, Cynics, Cypress, Damned, Dancing, Dandy, Danger, Darkness, Dastards, Day, Day and Night, Daybreak, Dead, Death, Death-Bed, Death-Bed Repentance, Debt, Debtor, Debts, Decay, Deceit, December, Deception, Decision, Deeds, Deep, Defamation, Defeat, Defense, Deference, Definition, Deformity, Degradation, Degrees, Dejection, Delay, Delays, Delicacy, Delights, Deluge, Democracy, Demoralization, Dependence, Deportment, Depravity, Depreciation, Desert, Desire, Desires, Desolation, Despair, Despondency, Despots, Destiny, Destruction, Detention, Determination, Detraction, Devastation, Development, Devil, Devotion, Dew, Dew-Drops, Dews, Dice, Dice-Box, Differences, Difficulty, Dignity, Digressions, Dinner, Directness, Dirge, Disappointment, discipline, Discontent, Discord, Discovery, Discrepancy, Discretion, Discrimination, Discussion, Disdain, Disease, Disguise, Dishonesty, Dishonour, Disinterestedness, Disobedience, Dispatch, Disputation, Dissimulation, Distance, Distinction. Distraint, Distress, Distrust, Divisions, Docility, Doctors, Dog, Dogmatism, Dominion, Doubt, Drama, Dream, Dreaming, Dress, Drink, Drinking, Drought, Drowning, Drudgery, Drunkard, Drunkards, Drunkenness, Dueling, Duellist, Dullness, Dumbness, Dumb Person, Dungeon, Duplicity, Dust, Duties, Duty, Dying Infant, Dying Thoughts, Eagle, Eagles, Early Rising, Earnestness, Earth, Earthquake, Ease, Easiness, Eating, Eccentricities, Eccentricity, Echo, Eclipse, Economy, Economy of Time, Education, Efforts, Egotism, Egotist, Election, Elections, Elegy, Elopement, Eloquence, Eloquence and Song, Elysium, Emigrant, Eminence, Emotion, Emphasis, Empire, Employment, Employments, Emulation, Encampment, Endurance, Enemies, Energy, England, English, English Gentlemen, English Language, Englishmen, Enjoyment, Enmity, Ennui, Enterprise, Enthusiasm, Enthusiast, Entreaty, Envy, Eollian Harp, Epigram, Epigrammatist, Epithest, Equality, Equanimity, Equilibrium, Equivocation, Error, Esteem, Estrangement, Eternity, Evasion, Evening, Evidence, Evil, Evils, Exactness, Exaggeration, Examination, Example, Excellence, Excess, Excesses, Excitement, Exclusiveness, Excuse, Excusing, Execration, Execution, Exercise, Exertion, Exhibition of Arts, Exile, Existence, Expectation, Expectations, Expediency, Expedition, Expenses, Experience, Expiation, Explosion, Exposure, Extravagance, Extremes, Eye, Eyes, Eyes of Women, Fables, Face, Fact, Faction, Facts, Faculties, Fading Joys, Failure, Fair Sex, Fairies, Fairy Land, Fairy Wisdom, Faith, Faith and Hope, Faithlessness, Fallibility, Falsehood, Fame, Family, Family Prayer, Famine, Fan, Fanaticism, Fancy, Farewell, Fascination, Fashion, Fashionable Life Fastidiousness, Fasting, Fatality, Fate, Father, Fathers, Faults, Favorites, Favours, Fear, Fear and Shame, Fears, Feasting, Features, Feeling, Feelings, Felicity, Female Society, Feudal Meeting, Feuds, Fever, Fever and Delirium, Fickleness, Fictions, Fidelity, Fiend, Fiend, Fiends, Fieriness, Filial Obedience, Filial Piety, Film, Finis, Fire, Fireside, Firmness, First and Last, Fish, Flatterers, Flattery, Flirtation, Flirtations, Flowers, Flying-Fish, Foliage, Folly, Folly and Innocence, Fondness, Fool, Fools, Fool-Hardiness, Footmen, Fop, Foppery, Forbearance, Force, Foreboding, Foreshadowings, Foresight, Forethought, Forgetting, Forgive and Forget, Forgiveness, Forgiveness of Injuries, Forgotten, Form, Formalist, Forms, Formulas, Fortitude, Fortune, Fortune-Hunter, Fortune-Teller, Fortune-Telling, Forwardness, Foundling, Fountain, Frailty, France, Frankness, Free and Easy, Freebooters, Freedom, Free-Will, French Actress, Fretting, Friend, Friends, Friendless, Friendship, Fright, Frost, Frugality, Funeral, Furniture, Future, Futurity, Gallant, Gaming, Garden, Gardner, Gardening, Generals, Generations, Generosity, Genius, Gentility, Gentleness, Gentlewoman, Ghost, Gifts, Gipsies, Gipsy, Girl, Glen, Gklitter, Gloominess, Glory, Glow-Worm, Glutton, Gluttony, God, Godliness, Gold, Golden Age, Golden Calf, Good, Good Breeding, Good Friendship, Good Humour, Good Manners, Good Name, Good Nature, Goodness, Good Night, Good Old Times, Gospel, Gossamber, Gossip, Gossiping, Gout, Government, Governor, Grace, Grace and Elkegance, Graces, Graphic, Grass, Grasshopper, Gratitude, Grave, Grave-Digger, Gravitation, Gravity, Great Actions, Great Man, Great Men, Greatness, Greece, Greedines, Grey-Hearded, Grief, Grotesque, Grovellers, Grumbling, Guardian Angles, Guide, Guides, Guilt, Gymnastics, Habit, Habits, Hair, Hairs, Hand, Handwriting, Happiness, Hardness, Hardship, Harlot, Harmony, Harp, Harvest, Harvest-Home, Harvest Moon, Haste, Haste and Bashness, Hastiness, Hate, Hatred, Hats, Haymaking, Head-Dress, Headstrongness, Health, Heart, Hearth, Hearts, Heat, Heaven, Heaven and Earth, Hell, Help, Hermit, Hero, Heroine, Heroism, Highlands, Hindoo Castle, History, Holiday, Holiness, Holly-Tree, Holly-Tree Bough, Homes, Honesty, Honey, Honour, Hope, Hopes, Horoscope, Horror, Horse, Horticulture, Hospitality, Hours, House, Housewife, Housewifery, Human Character, Human Face, Human Frame, Human Greatness, Human Happiness, Human Life, Human Nature, Human Passions, Human Reason , Human Soul Human Weakness, Human Woe, Humanity, Humour, Hunger, Hunting, Husband, Husbandman, Hypocrisy, Hypocrite, Hypocrites, Hysterics, Idea, Ideal, Idealist, Ideality, Ideas, Identification, Idle, Idleness Idler, Idolatry, Idols, Ignorance, Ill Deeds, Ill-Manners, Ill-Nature, Ill-News, Ill-Temper, Illness, Illusion, Imagination, Imitation, Immodesty, Immortality, Immutability, Impatience, Imperfection, Imperfections, Impertinence, Importunity, Imprecations, Impressions, Imprisonment, Improvement, Improvidence, Impudence, Impulse, Inaction, Incidents, Incivility, Inclination, Income, Incomes, Inconstancy, Inconstant, Incredulity, Independence, Indifference, Indigestion, Indiscretion, Indolence, Industry, Inebriety, Inequality, Infamy, Infancy, Infant, Infatuation, Inferiors, Infidelity, Infinite, Infinite Space, Infinitude, Infinity, Influence, Ingratitude, Inhumanity, Inquiry, Injuries, Injury, Injustice, Innocence and Beauty, Innocence, Innocence and Guilt, Innovation, Inquietude, Inquiry, Inquisitiveness, Insanity, Inscrutability, Insects, Insignificance, Insolence, Inspiration, Instability, Instinct, Instinct and Reason, Instruction, Insurrections, Integrity, Intellect, Intellectual Pleasures, Intelligence, Intemperance, Intentions, Interment, Interruption, Intimacy, Invention, Invocation, Irony, Irresolution, Intolerance, Intoxication, Intrusiveness, Ivy, Jars, Jealousy, Jeering, Jest, Jester, Jesting, Jests, Jesuitism, Jesuits, Jew, Jews, Joking, Jollity, Journalism, Joy, Joy and Grief, Joyfulness, Judge, Judges, Judgement, Judgment-Day, June, Jurymen, Just, Just Now, Justice, Justification,


Kaleidoscope, Keys, Kindness, Kindred Souls, Kings, Kiss, Kisses, Kissing, Kitchen, Knavery, Knavery and Folly, Knaves, Knock, Knowledge, Knowledge and Ignorance, Knowledge and Wisdom, Labour, Lamentation, Lampoons, Landed Gentry, Landladies, Landscape, Landscapes, Lanes, Language, Languages, Lark, Laughter, Lavishness, Law, Law Proceedings, Laws, Lawyer, Lawyers, Laxity, Laziness, Learning, Learning and Wisdom, Leaves, Lecture, Legacies, Legacy, Leisure, Leisure and Solitude, Lending Books, Lethargy, Lethe, Letters, Liars, Letters, Liars, Libellers, Liberality, Liberty, Libidinousness, Libraries, Library, Licentiousness, Lies, Life, Life and Death, Light, Light-footed, Lightheartedness, Lightning, Lilies, Lily, Lion, Lip-Wisdom, Literary Collections, Literary Composition, Literary Luxury, Literary Young Ladies, Literature, Little by Little, Little Things, Lives, London, Long Ago, Longevity, Longings, Looking-Glass, Looking Upward, Look-Out, Looks, Loquacity, Lord`s Prayer, Losses, Love, Love and Beauty, Loveliness, Love and Understanding, Lover, Lovers, Love`s Young Dream, Love-Tokens, Loving-Kindness, Loyalty, Loyalty and Patriotism, Lunacy, Lust, Luxury, Lying, Madness, Magician, Magicians, Magnanimity, Magnet, Maiden, Maidens, Maids, Majesty, Malcontent, Malice, Malignity, Mammon, Mammon-Seeker, Mammon-Seeking, Man, Man and Woman, Manhood, Mankind, Manners, Manufacturing Art, March, Mariner, Marriage, Married and Single, Marrying, Martyrdom, Martyrs, Massacre, Master, Masters and Servants, Mastership, Material World, Maternal Affection, Mathematics, Matrimony, Maxims, May, Mead, Meanness, Means, Medals, Meddling, Mediation, Medicine, Medicines, Mediocrity, Meditation, Meekness, Meeting, Melancholy, Melody, Memory, Men, Men of Genius, Men of Literary Genius, Mendicancy, Mental Labour, Mercenaries, Merchant, Mercy, Merit, Mermaid, Method, Middle Age, Midnight, Mildness, Military Commander, Militias, Milkmaid, Millennium, Mind, Mind and Body, Minds, Ministering Angels, Ministers, Miracle, Mirth, Mirth and Innocence, Mirth and Wit, Mirthfulness, Misanthropist, Mischief, Mischief-Makers, Miser, Miserableness, Misery, Misery and Ignorance, Misfortune, Misgiving, Misgivings, Misrepresentation, Missal, Mistletoe Bough, Mistress, Mistrust, Mists, Mob, Moderation, Modesty, Monarchs, Monasteries, Money, Monopoly, Moon, Moonlight, Moonrise, Moping, Moral Conduct, Moral Improvement, Moral Maxims, Moral Power, Moral Qualities, Moral Virtues, Morality, Morning, Mortality, Mortals, Mosses, Moss-Trooper, Motes, Mother, Mother and Her Infant, Mother`s Grave, Motion, Motives, Mountain, Mountaineer, Mourners, Mourning, Mouse, Mouth, Multitude, Mummy, Murder, Murderers, Murmuring, Muse, Music, Music and Devotion, Musical Composition, Musicians, Mutability, Myself, Mystery, Mystification, Mythology, Name, Names, Nature, Nature and Art, Neatness, Necessity, Necromencer, Necromancy, Nectar, Negligence, Negro, Neighbour, Neighbours, Nervous System, Nervousness, Nettles, Neutrality of Mind, New Year, News, Newsmonger, Newspapers, Niagara, Nicknames, Night, Nightingale, Nightmare, Nineveh, No, Nobility, Noises, Noisiness, Noisy Argument, Nonchalance, Noon, Nothing, Novel, Novels, Novelties, Novelty, Nun, Nuns, Nymphs, Oak, Oath, Oaths, Obedience, Obligation, Oblivion, Obscurity, Obsequies, Obsequiousness, Observation, Obstinacy, Obstinacy and Contradiction, Occupation, Ocean, Offence, Offences, Old, Old Age, Old Man, Old Year, Olive-Tree, Omens, Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Omnipotence, One By One, Opiniativeness, Opinion, Opinions, Opportunities, Opportunity, Opposition, Oppression, Oratory, Orchard, Order, Organ-Grinder, Originality, Ornament, Orphan, Orphanage, Orphans, Ostentation, Outlaw, Overseer, Owl, Paganism, Pain, Painter, Painting, Pandemonium, Pangs, Paradoxes, Parasite, Pardon, Parnet, Parents, Parents and Children, Parks, Parliament, Parties, Parting, Passing Bell, Passion, Passion-Flower, Passions, Past, Past and Future, Past and Present, Past Various and Injuries, Past, Present, and Future, Pastime, Pastor, Patience, Patriot, Patriotism, Patronage, Pattern, Pauperism, Peace, Peacemakers, Peasant, Peasantry, Pebbles, Pedantry, Pebbles, Pedantry, Peevishness, Penance, Penetration, Penitence, Penny Post, Pension, Pensiveness, Penury, People, Perfection, Perfidious, Persecution, Persecutions, Perspective, Perspicuity, Persuasion, Petitions, Petrel( Stormy), Phantasmagoria, Philanthropy, Philosophy, Phosphoric Fire, Physic, Physical Changes, Physicians, Physiognomist, Piano, Pic-Nics, Picture, Pictures, Piety, Pilgrims, Pillow, Pilot, Pipe, Pique, Pity, Plagiarists, Planets, Plants, Players, Playfellows, Pleading, Pleasure, Pleasures, Pliability, Plumpness, Poem, Poesy, Poet, Poetic Mania, Poetry, Poetry and Painting, Poets, Poison, Pokers, Policy, Politeness, Political Independence, Politician, Politics, Poor, Poor Devil, Poor Law, Poor Relations, Popery, Popish Ritual, Popularity, Portrait, Portraits, Possibilities, Poverty, Power, Practice, Praise, Prayer, Prayers, Preacher, Preaching, Precept and Example, Precipitancy, Precociousness, Precocity, Pre-Eminence, Preface, Prefaces, Prejudice, Prejudices, Pre-Raphaelites, Prescience, Present, Presentiment, Press, Prestige, Presumption, Presumptuousness, Pretension, Prevention, Pride, Pride and Poverty, Priest, Priestcraft, Priesthood, Priests, Primrose, Princes, Printing, Prison, Prisoner, Privacy, Private Parties, Procrastination, Profession and Commerce, Professions, Profligacy, Profligate, Progress, Projectors, Promise, Promises, Promptitude, Propensities, Property, Prophecy, Prophetic, Proprietors, Prosperity, Protestantism, Proverb, Proverbs, Providence, Provident, Provision, Prudence, Prying, Psalms, Public, Public Opinion, Public Voice, Punctuation, Punishments, Puritanism, Puritans, Purity, Purity and Truth, Purpose, Purse, Pursuits, Quacks, Quaker Lady, Qualities, Quarrelling, Quarrelsomeness, Queen, Quicksands, Quietness, Quill Pen, Race, Rahlery, Railery and Wit, Railway Surveys, Railways, Rain, Rainbow, Rank, Ranks, Rapaciousness, Rapture, Rascals, Rashness, Rationalists, Reading, Reading Aloud, Reality, Reason, Reason and Faith, Reason and Imagination, Reasons, Rebellion, Rebuff, Reception, Reciprocal Love, Recklessnes, Recognition, Recollection, Recollections, Reconciliation, Recreation, Recrimination, Recruiting, Redemption, Refinement, Reflection, Reform, Reformation, Reformatories, Reformers, Reforms, Regeneration, Regicide, Regret, Relatives, Relaxation, Reliance, Relics, Religion, Religious Ideas, Religious Independence, Remembrance, Reminiscences, Remorse, Remorse of Conscience, Renegade, Renown, Reparation, Repentance, Repentance and Love, Repine Not, Replies, Report, Reports, Representative, Reproach, Reproof, Reputation, Resentment, Reservation, Reserve, Reservedness, Resignation, Resistance, Resolution, Resolutions, Resolutions, Resources, Respect, Respectability, Respiration, Responsibility, Rest, Restitution, Restlessness, Results, Resurrection, Retaliation, Retirement, Retreat, Retribution, Retrospection, Returning Home, Revelation, Revenge, Reverence, Reverie, Reverses, Reviling, Revolution, Revolutionists, Revolutions, Rhetoric, Rhine, Rhododendron, Rhyme, Riches, Riches and Avarice, Riches and Poverty, Ridicule, Ridiculous, Riding, Right, Righteous, Righteous Man, Righteous Revenge, Righteousness, Rights, Rigour, Ring, Rivalry, River, Rivers, Rivulet, Robbers, Robin, Rocks, Rogue, Roguery, Rogues, Romance, Romancer, Roman Empire, Romanism, Rome, Room, Rose, Rosemary, Roses, Round-Robin, Rousseau, Routine, Royal Visit, Royalty, Rudeness, Ruin, Ruler and Ruled, Rulers, Ruling Passion, Rumour, Rural Dances, Rural Happiness, Rural Happiness, Rural Scenery, Rural Scenes, Rurality, Rust, Sabbath, Sagacity, Sailor, Salutation, Salvation, Sanguine, Sapience, Sarcasm, Satan, Satiety, Satire, Satisfaction, Saturday, Saturday Night, Savage Life, Saving, Saviour, Scandal, Scar, Scent, Sceptic, Scepticism, Schism, Scholars, Schoolmaster, Schools, Science, Scoffing, Scorn, Scotchman, Scotland, Scots, Scriptures, Scroll, Sculpture, Sea, Sea-Boy, Seafaring Life, Seashore, Seasonableness, Seasons, Sea-Voyage, Seclusion, Secrecy, Secret, Secret Societies, Secret Sorrow, Secrets, Sectarianism, Sects, Security, Seeds, Seeing, Self, Self-Accusation, Self-Command, Self-Conceit, Self-Confidence, Self-Conquest, Self-Control, Self-Culture, Self-Deceit, Self-Deception, Self-Delusion, Self-Denial, Self-Examination, Self-Government, Self-Indulgence, Self-Interest, Selfishness, Self-Knowledge, Self-Love, Self-Murder, Self-Praise, Self-Preservation, Self-Regard, Self-Reliance, Self-Respect, Self-Reverence, Self-Righteousness, Self-Taught, Self-Will, Seniority, Sense, Sensibilities, Sensibility, Sensitiveness, Sensuality, Sentences, Sentiment, Sentiments, Separation, September, Seraphim, Serenity, Sermon, Sermons, Servant, Servants, Service, Servitude, Setting Sun, Seven, Seven, Sexes, Shade, Shadows Hands, Shakespeare, Shame, Sharpness, Shells, Shepherd`s Life, Ship, Ships, Shipwreck, Shore, Short-Sightedness, Shower, Shyness, Sick-Bed, Sick-room, Sickness, Sigh, Sighing, Sighs, Signs, Silence, Simplicity, Sin, Sincerity, Sins, Sisters, Sitting, Situation, Skating, Skull, Sky, Skylark, Slander, Slanderer, Slavery, Sleep, Sleeping Child, Sloth, Slovenliness, Slowness, Small Beginnings, Small Sins, Small Talk, Smarterers, Smelling, Smile, Smiles, Smoking, Sneering, Sneeze, Snow, Sobriety, Social Opinion, Social Ties, Socialism, Society, Society and Solitude, Sofa, Soil, Soldier, Soldiers, Solicitation, Solitude, Song, Songs, Sonnetteers, Sophistry, Sophistry, Sorrow, Sorrows, Soul, Sound, Sounds, Sower, Space, Space and Colour, Spare Moments, Speaking, Speaking Gently, Speculation, Speech, Speeches, Spheres, Spies, Spinsters, Spirit, Spite, Spite and Impotence, Spleen, Spotlessness, Spring, Spring-Time, Stability, Stage Coach, Star, Stars, Starvation and Genius, State, Statesman, Station, Statuary, Statues, Steadfastness, Steadiness, Steam, Stillness, Sting, Stoic, Stoicism, Stones and Stonebreakers, Storm, Storms, Story-Telling, Straying, Streams, Strength, Stubbornness, Student, Study, Stupidity, Style, Subjects, Sublimity, Submission, Success, Sucking-Pig, Suffering, Suicide, Suicides, Suitor, Sullenness, Summer, Sun, Sunbeam, Sunday, Sundial, Sunrise, Sunset, Sunsetting, Superficiality, Superfluity, Superintendence, Superiority, Superstition, Superstition and Religion, Surfeit, Surgeon, Surmise, Surrender, Susceptibility, Suspence, Suspicion, Sustenance, Swearing, Swimming, Swindler, Swooning, Sycophant, Symbols, Sympathy, Tact, Tact and Talent, Tailor, Talent, Talents, Tales, Talkers, Talking, Talking and Reading, Taper, Taste, Tavern, Taverns, Tea, Tea-Urn, Teachers, Tear, Tears, Tears and Laughter, Temper, Temperance, Tempest, Temptation, Tendencies, Tenderness, Tenderness, Testimony and Argument, Thames, Thankfulness, Thanks, Theatre, Theatres, Theology, Theory and Growth of Opinion, Things, Thinkers, Thinking, Thirst, Thought, Thoughtfulness, Thoughts, Threatening, Thunder, Tight-Lacing, Time, Titles, Tobacco, To-Day Toil, Tombs, Tomorrow, Tongue, Too Late, Torrents, Tourists` Adieu, Towns, Trade and Agriculture, Trades, Trade-Winds, Tradition, tragedy, Training, Trailor, Tranquillity, Transgression, Transition, Traveller, Travellers, Travelling, Treachery, Treason, Treatment, Treaty, Trees, Tribulation, Trifles, Triumph, Triumphal Entry, Troth, Truisms, Trusting, Trustworthiness, Truth, Truthfulness, Tuition, Tumult, Twaddle, Twilight, Tyranny, Tyranny and Insolence, Tyrant, Tyrants, Ugliness, Unbelief, Uncertainty, Understanding, Understandings, Unfaithfulness, Unfeeling Eye, Unhappiness, Union, Unity, Universe, Unkindness, Unlucky Men, Unsteadiness of Character, Unutterable Feelings, Uprightness, Upstart, Urbanity, Urgency, Urns, Usefulness, Usurer, Usurpation, Usurper, Unurpers, Usury, Utility, Vacillation, Vacuity, Vagabond, Vagrancy, Vagueness, Vain-Glory, Vallentine`s Day Valley, Valour, Vanity, Variety, Vatican, Vegetarian, Venality, Vengeance, Venturing, Verbiage, Verse, Versification, Vexation, Vice, Vices, Viciousness, Vicissitude, Vicissitudes, Victory, View, Views, Vigilance, Vigour, Village Happiness, Villageinn, Villany, Vindictiveness, Vine, Vintage, Violence, Virgil, Virgin, Virgins, Virtue, Virtue and Vice, Virtues, Virtues, Vision, Vituperation, Vivacity, Vivandiere, Voice, Voices, Volatility, Volition, Vows, Voyage, Vulgar, Vulgarity, Wager, Wagers, Waiters, Waiting-Maid, Waits, Walking, Want, Wants, War, Warfare, Warriors, Wassail-Bowl, Waste, Watch, Watchfulness, Water, Waterfall, Waves, Weakness, Wealth, Wealth and Poverty, Weariness, Weather, Wedding-Ring, Weeping, Welcome, Wesleyanism, Whale, whims, Whisper, Wicked, Wickedness, Wife, Wilfulness, Will, Will and the Deed, Willingness, Wills, Wind, Wine, Winter, Wisdom, Wise, Wise Man, Wish, Wishes, Wishing, Wit, Witch, Wives, Woe, Wolsey, Woman, Womanhood, Women, Women and Proverbs, Wonder, Wonders, Wood, Word, Words, Work, Workhouse, Working and Talking, Workmen, Works, World, Worldliness, Worldling, Worldly Employments, Worldly Men, worldly-Mindedness, Worship, Worth, Writers, Writing, Wrong, Wrong and Right, Xerxes, Yawning, Years, Yeoman, Young, Young and Old, Young England, Youth, Youth and Age, Zeal, Zeal and Hypocrisy, Zealot, Zephyr, Zimmerman, Zoology.