Vedic Chants - Eliminate Stress, Anxiety and Depression - Vedic Chants (MUSIC CD)

Vedic Chants - Eliminate Stress, Anxiety and Depression - Vedic Chants (MUSIC CD)

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Author: Tatwamasi Dixit
Publisher: Music Today
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): M05066D


Track 01


Track 02

Prayer to Lord Ganesha to eliminate all obstacles

Track 03

Prayer to Lord Indra in the form of Manyuman (control over vagaries), Manaswan (control over the mind), to provide and fill one with positive energy and to get over anxiety and depression.

Prayer to Lord Agni, the provider and enhancer of life full of radiance, which protects the mind and the body.

Prayer to Lord Indra and Lord Agni – to provide energy and power in all seasons to control the mind through/ from the senses.

Prayer of offering to Lord Vaishwanara (Agni)

Securing Bramhavarchas (Divine consciousness)

Securing Tejas (Lusture)

Securing Appetite (Mental and Physical)

Securing Power to the senses

Track 04

Appeal and offering to Lord Prajapati to remove the fear of death and bless one with long life.

When one is filled with negative power, one looses all the energy, senses and vigour. Prayer and offering to Lord Indra to bring back the positive energy, to drive away the negative forces (depression) and to fill one with tejas (lusture) and vigour.

Drawing energy from various divine resources to instill power, ojas, vigour and other energies.

Track 05

Offering prayers to Goddess Gayatri Devi in her praise requesting her to bless us with Ojas / Balam / Power to senses etc.

Prayer to the all powerful Lord Agni, Lord Indra and the Sun God to bless one with intellect, tejas and sensing powers.

Invoking the divine energy to bless one with resplendence and ensuring the good health through the absorption of sanctified water.

Prayer to Lord Vayu (God of breath) to bless one with the five pranaas. Prayer to Dhatha (Sun God) to bestow upon the five senses the right energy.

Prayers to attain speed to overcome sluggishness in the body and mind.

Prayer to Agni and Vishnu to bless one with plentiful resources, mental strength, creativity, inclination in the right efforts, right thoughts, willpower, articulation, fame, revelation, life force, consciousness, right senses, physical strength, long life, good body, mind and happiness.

Track 06

Prayer to the divine energies to drive away emptiness, to fill the mind with power and strength and achieve fulfillment of life.

Prayer to Athigrahya energy (the left over energy after the division of power and strength amongst the Gods) to fill one with its power and strength.

Prayer to Mother Earth to anchor oneself, to prevent oneself from going adrift and to fill oneself with force and strength.

When one becomes fickle minded and unstable, one has to overcome and conquer its associated consequences by offering prayers to the Divine to attain Ojas, strength and power.


Prayer to Lord Agni by various sects in various seasons to attain realization, power and strength in abundance and prosperity.

Appeal to Indra and Agni, who are the controller of Praana and Apaana, Ojas and Balam (strength), to abundantly bless one with the same.

Prayer to Mother Earth and other divine energies to bless one with divine power, removal of obstacles, longevity, name and fame.

Prayer to Agni, Saraswati, Savitha, Poosha, Brahma, Indra, Varuna, Soma, Tvashta and Vishnu to get the Indriya and Veerya to prevent leak of energy from the mind and body, which otherwise leads to drain of senses and existence.


Prayer of various types of offering to Lord Agni to attain tejas, wealth, strength to the senses, good health and an appetite to learn.

Prayer to Lord Agni to bless one with good appetite, opportunities, leadership skills, strength and power, spirituality, lusture and beauty.


Prayer to Lord Indra to bless one with tejas, ojas, lusture, divinity, vigour, progeny, good health and long life.

Prayer to Lord Varuna (God of Water) to remove the instability of mind and replenish the mind and body with strength.


Prayer to various forms of Aditya (the Sun God) to provide one with his brilliance, thereby realising the Brahman, the provider of ultimate happiness (bliss).

Prayer to Goddess Gayathri, Savithri, Saraswathi to manifest in one and enhance one’s potential to defeat and eliminate depression, attain maturity of thought process, stability of mind, realisation of Brahman and attainment of Bliss.

SRI TATWAMASI DIXIT was introduced to the power and breadth of the Vedas at the age of the three. Over the years, his deep scrutiny of the Vedas has led him to relate its wisdom to the modern metaphor.

The Ojas Movement promotes the Vedic path to healthy living. Mining the essence of the Vedas, this movement advocates the use of chanting, guided meditation, stress reduction, diet modification and exercise to deal with health challenges of day-to-day living.