The Temple of Jagannatha - Architecture, Sculpture, Painting and Ritual

The Temple of Jagannatha - Architecture, Sculpture, Painting and Ritual

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Author: Dinanath Pathy
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 272
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8175741058


This publication for the first time focuses on a local art tradition in Orissa, vividly documented and substantiated with visuals. The archaic cult of Jagannatha that upholds Oriya nationalism and claims to be the central focus of Orissan art and culture mirrors in this study with an extra tinage of local flavour the essence of this book. The readers will discover a socio-religio-cultural structure supporing an art tradition in the Jaganatha temple of Dharakote, a remote princely town in South Orissa. When a large number of Jagannatha temples in Orissa are languishing under want of patronage, such a study highlights the importance and need of documentation which has been painstakingly undertaken by the author.

The architecture, sculptures, painting and rituals of the Jagannatha temple of Dharakote provide an insight into the cult embedded in the glorious Orissan tradition. This insight in fact is the model for further study and research in different geographical units. With growing concern for regional and local researches, this publication has national relevance as an art historical and art ethnological study.




1. Chapter One Art : Regional Traditions in South Orissa An Overview
2. Chapter Two : The Temple
3. Chapter Three : Theme
4. Chapter Four : Techniques and Materials
5. Chapter Five : Stylistic Appraisal
6. Chapter Six : Temple Traditions
7. Chapter Seven : Conclusion
8. Bibliography
9. Glossary
10. Appendix - ONE : List of Temple Sculptures
11. Appendix - TWO : List of Wall Paintings
12. Appendix - THREE : Temple Record
13. Appendix - FOUR : List of Craft Persons in Dharakote
14. Appendix - FIVE : Important Personalities of Dharakote at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century (1909 A.D.)