My Times - A Civil Servant Remembers

My Times - A Civil Servant Remembers

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Author: Nitish Sengupta
Publisher: Samskriti
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 242
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187374411


This book reads like a memoir which spans the period from recently-independent India to the globalization era of the 1990’s. What makes it all the more interesting is that it has been narrated by a person who has been in the midst of it all and actively participated in the progress of India’s maturity and growth. The author reflects on the various issues that faced our nation and the manner in which attempts were made to solve these problems or not to solve them.

He has covered an amazingly wide range of subjects, topics and issues: Origin of the Naxalite Movement in North Bengal, Problems of Sharecroppers and the Rural Poor, Green Revolution, Public distribution System, Pernicious Role of underhand political contribution by Business Groups, Company Law Perspectives, Growth of the Capital Market, Lowering of Ethical and Moral Values, Corruption, Difference between Politicians of Yesteryears and Today, Change in the Bureaucratic Order, Tourism, Public Finance, Development Planning including the inevitable Transition to Indicative Planning, the Problems of Interface between the Politicians and Civil Servants and the growing nexus between Crime and Politics.

His narration besides being corroborated by history also gives the impression as seen, witnessed and experienced by a sensitive and a perceptive individual. A reading of this book reveals just how much an individual is capable of performing and contributing in bringing about a sense of coherency o a mismanaged system. A must for anyone who wishes to contribute one’s mite to social development and progress of India.


If I were to become a dictator of this country, between my election and my assassination, I should make sure that at least three chapters from Dr Sengupta’s book are made compulsory reading in all the schools and college of our country.




Early District Days
In Writers’ Building for the First Time
District Magistrate and Collector
Director of Food-Serving a Coalition Government
In the Heart of India’s Regulatory System: Department of Company Affairs
West Bengal’s Envoy to the Centre
PRO to the Left Front Government
In the Ministry of Finance: Building India’s Capital Market
Move to Tourism-A Glamorous Interlude
Rajiv Gandhi’s Revenue Secretary
From Being he Main collector of Revenue to Being the main Purchaser-Secretary Supply
The Making of India’s Eighth Five-Year Plan
Interface between Politicians and Civil Servants
From Metcalfe House to Yojana Bhawan-Looking Back