The Secret History of World Religions -    2- Volumes

The Secret History of World Religions - 2- Volumes

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Author: Edouard Schure
Fred Rothwell/
Translator(s): Fred Rothwell
Publisher: Mittal Publications
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 000
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


This great work (in two volumes) is a brilliant product of intellectual, occult and transcendental philosophy of the author which he wrote after several years’ sojourn in Italy and which is his most important contribution to the world literature. It became most popular in France where it had already run into twenty-four editions before its translation into English appeared in 1913. It had already been translated into German, Italian, Spanish and Russian.

The two volumes give, in an inspiring language, the march of true religion as conceived and propounded by sages and seers of all countries and climes in their search for Truth and Reality about the divinity, origin and true purpose of life. It paints on a vast canvas the story of the concept of soul, its spiritual content and ultimate reality. The sages and theosophists chosen for comprehensive discussion in this book are: Krishna, Bouddha, Zoroaster, Hermes, Moses, Pythagoras and Jesus.

VOLUME I gives an account of the esoteric teachings of Rama (the Aryan Cycle), Krishna (India and the Brahmanic Initiation), Hermes (The Mysteries of Egypt), Moses (The Mission of Israel) and Orpheus (the Mysteries of Dionysos). VOLUME II gives esoteric teachings of Pythagoras (The Delphic Mysteries), Plato (The Mysteries of Eleusis) and Jesus Christ (The Last Great Initiate).

What prompted the author to produce a unique work of this class? In his own words. This book is entirely the outcome of a burning desire and longing after the higher, the eternal and complete truth, without which all partial truths are but a snare and a delusion. They will understand me, who feel, as I do, that the present age with all its material prosperity, is but a gloomy waste of sand from the standpoint of the immortal aspirations of the soul.

Finding that a synthesis of Religion and Science will alone bring an intellectual regeneration and social transformation, he says, science and religion, the twin guardians of civilizations, have both lost their supreme gift, the magic of a mighty and powerful education.

There is no doubt that the present work can be ranked among the great books of the world which are the fountain-head of philosophic truths and which will serve as a guide, friend and philosopher to every seeker after truth and knowledge-knowledge not in the material sense of the world but knowledge which elevates and inspires to greater heights of spiritual perfection.