India’s Elderly - A Multidisciplinary Dimension

India’s Elderly - A Multidisciplinary Dimension

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Author: A K Kapoor
Satwanti Kapoor/
Publisher: Mittal Publications
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170999693


India is a country with a fine tradition of respecting, loving and supporting the aged. As a result of urbanization and globalization, the values and life styles are changing which is affecting the care of the aged. Though ageing has many aspects the primary ones fall into four major categories: biological-physiological, psychological-behavioural, socio-economic and anthropological.

Unfortunately, the researches on ageing have so far concerned themselves only with the physio-logical factors, almost totally neglecting the highly influential intrinsic conditions, which we see now as the problems of the aged. The question is how should we synthesise technological development with human value in Indian society? The experience of the western world cautions us to plan for the care of the aged as part of the directed social change, as well as to study the problem. This further strengthens our ideas that the problem is multi-faceted. To solve this, a multidisciplinary approach is needed for planning for the welfare of India’s elderly.

The present volume highlights that each applied discipline is important and when development plans are drawn at different levels, the potentialities of the contribution of the aged should be taken into account. This will provide them with a will to live with a holistic attitude.

This volume would provide guidelines to Social Scientists, Gerontologists, Medical Scientists, Life Scientists, Planners Policy Makers and social Workers for developing action and academic programmes for the cause and care of elderly population in urban, rural and tribal areas of the country.