Basic Math for Management Professionals - A Survivor’s Guide

Basic Math for Management Professionals - A Survivor’s Guide

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Author: Peter C Weiglin
Publisher: Sage Publications
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 140
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8178292246


Basic Math for Management Professionals is a simple and fun solution to an age-old problem: The lack of mathematical knowledge is a major obstacle for many marketing and management professionals. Many of them are former English, Psychology, or Science graduates who have become responsible for managing human resources, strategy, advertising, promotion and sales in their organizations. Without a solid foundation in accounting, finance, mathematics or economics, they often find themselves frustrated and confused by the unfamiliar world of numbers.

This is a simple introduction to the underlying mathematical concepts in management, explained in terms accessible to both students and practitioners. Peter Weiglin also explains the relevant non-mathematical issues-such as, price sensitivity, product distribution, and sales estimates-and provides the tools necessary to fully understand and grasp the basics of each.

Presented in an irreverent, conversational style, this book includes numerous real-world examples and illustrations that gently introduce the reader to the important mathematical concepts behind management. Intended for students and professionals of all levels, this book is a fun, easy-to read introduction to the world of business math.

PETER WEIGLIN is an author and historian, and teaches management and marketing, at the University of California at Berkeley Extension.


Lack of mathematical knowledge among most management professionals is an age-old problem. Peter Weiglin provides a simple solution in his book Basic Math for Management Professionals. Presented in an irreverent, conversational style, the book talks about underlying mathematical concepts in management, price sensitivity, product distribution and so on.
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