Transnational Terrorism in a Globalising World

Transnational Terrorism in a Globalising World

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Author: P N Mishra
Publisher: Authors Press
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 388
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8172731140


We are living in an age of terrorism where the world peace is under the gravest threat of transnational terrorist groups which are aiming to destroy the vital organs of freedom and to cover the international body with deadly networks. Transnational terrorism poses an important threat to the stability of the global community.

The book shows that transnational terrorism is now emerging as a serious threat in its own right to international stability in the years ahead and suggest that our failure to recognise this threat and respond appropriately will bequeath to serious and long-term problems in future which may be partially avoidable.



The Transnational Challenges

Infotech Development

An Asset to Transnational Crime

Profile of Transnational Terrorist Groups

The al Qaida Model

Israel-Arab Conflict-New Turn in Terrorism

Asian Co-operations in Combating Terrorism

International Coalitions