Governance of Human Rights - Challenges in the Age of Globalisation

Governance of Human Rights - Challenges in the Age of Globalisation

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Author: R C Mishra
Publisher: Authors Press
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 306
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8172731531


Globalisation is a dominant force which is shaping a new era of interaction among nations, economies and people. It is increasing the contacts between people across national boundaries-in economy, technology, culture and governance. But it is also fragmenting production processes, labour markets, political entries and societies.

This book provides a detailed account of the status of human rights and their governance in the age of globalization. It highlights the importance of the need for changes in international governance to enhance human dignity in the changing world. The content of the book will be highly informative to human rights activists, policy makers, students and all the concerned.


Mainstreaming Human Rights
Poverty Reduction: Human Rights approaches in a Globalizing World
Civil Society and Multilateralism
Democracy and Good Governance
Governance of Humanitarian Emergencies
Globalisation: A Positive Force
Challenges of Sustainability: Adequacy of Our Responses
Global Transformations: Towards Human Development
World of Globalisation: A Connectivity among People