The Sukraniti

The Sukraniti

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Author: Krishna Lal
Editor(s): Krishna Lal
Publisher: J P Publishing House
Year: N/A
Language: English
Pages: 676
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8186702199


Sukraniti is an important compendium of teachings on different subjects as Relativity of Nitisastras, Ancient Indian Geography, Ethnology, Mineralogy, Botany, zoology, Art, Morals and manners, Economics Pedagogy (including vidyas, Kalas, an literature). Polity, Public Finance. Jurisprudence and Internatinal Law, mainly related to politics.

It explains in details the duties of king and of subjects thereof. It deals with king’s duties in assembly of ministers, justice, his social behavior, his keen interest in architecture, war fare, maintenance of animals useful for army etc. Only its English transltion with necessary notes by Binoy Kumar Sarkar was published long ago. It had been out of print for decades.

The work is very important and very large on mentioned in the Mahabharata. Its publication with original Sanskrit verses was a long-self need. Now, after great efforts it has been brought to lights again after thorough revision.

It describes duties of king in all spheres in five chapters out of which the fourth chapter is divided into seven section containing about two thousand five hundred sixty one verses in all.

This new edition of Sukraniti contains Sanskrit text with English translation, Index of verses. Sanskrit world-index, English word-index as well as various notes.