The Stigma of Womanhood

The Stigma of Womanhood

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Author: Mansi Sinha
Publisher: The Women Press
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 112
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8189110039


The Stigma of Womanhood is based on reality. The setting is a small town in Assam, linked with the capital city. It deals with a number of curucial issues, which are overlooked in the society. The authoress portrays the plight of widowhood in the white grab and especially in Bishnupriya Manipuri community where most ladies shave their heads after their husbands death just ot become jocular showpieces of widow hood.

The terrorist problem is a burning problem in the northeast. The consequences of terrorism in the Assamese society and what the general people feel about this social problem are also reflected lightly in this literary piece. The authoress also focuses how communal riots leave behind untold miseries in the society. In the Indian society, where arranged marriages still dominated the civic scenario, there are many examples where the girl is not lucky enough to get a groom. She remains unmarried throught her life, frustrated and hated and kicked by her own dear once. The unmarried jobless faces the toughest situation.

The protagonist, Shreya, an Assamese leads a cheery life at the beginning. Soon her friends in the neighborhood get married and beget children. Jobless, dejected and away from her friends for move than half a dozen years, she at last gets married to Bihari officer. But marriage turns up to disaster and she becomes a widow with a child. The Assamese-Bihari riots in Assam snatched away her husband and left her in darkness forever.