Good Governance, Democratic Societies and Globalisation

Good Governance, Democratic Societies and Globalisation

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Author: Surendra Munshi
Biju Paul Abraham/
Editor(s): Surendra Munshi / Biju Paul Abraham
Publisher: Sage Publications
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 408
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0761998489


This book discusses good governance in democratic societies in the context of globalisation from a cross-cultural perspective. India and the European Union - democratic unions representing old histories, rich cultures and new aspirations - are viewed comparatively in order to assess what they can learn from each other.


The contributors pursue a comparative perspective as evident from the effort to bring together scholars from India and Europe…. Comparison is complemented by a cross-disciplinary approach with journalists, management experts, sociologists and economists coming together to provide a rich and inimitable fare.
-The Statesman

The essays recognize the plurality of actors involved in the process of governance and address more specifically the substance of governance. They transcend the narrow techno-economic blueprint that the World Bank provides and make a critique of this ideology.
-The Telegraph

This collection of essays by a number of scholars from India and Europe addresses economic, political and social issues of great contemporary significance. The most attractive feature of the volume is the comparative and inter-disciplinary approach which gives it its distinctive orientation. Munshi and Abraham have held diverse but important themes together in an exemplary manner.
-Andre Beteille, Chairman, Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Kolkata




I THE SOCIETAL CONTEXT OF GOVERNANCE: Concern for Good Governance in Comparative Perspective SURENDRA MUNSHI
Policy without Politics: Social, Cultural and Linguistic Affairs in the European Union ABRAM DE SWAAN
Governance and Democracy: Reflections on the European Debate ANGELA LIBERATORE
National Differences and the Rethinking of Social Democracy: Third Ways in Europe LUKE MARTELL
Good Governance, Market-Friendly Globalisation and the Changing Space of State Intervention: The Case of India ANUP SINHA
India: From Developmental to Predator State PREM SHANKAR JHA

II ADMINISTRATIVE REFORMS: Administrative Reform in India and Europe: A Comparative Perspective BIJU PAUL ABRAHAM
Policy Change in Public-Sector Reforms in Comparative Perspective: Between Convergence and Divergence HELLMUT WOLLMANN
Administrative Reform in Germany: Learning from European Experiences MANFRED ROEBER
Administrative Reform in India: Policy Prescriptions and Outcomes KULDEEP MATHUR
Governance Reforms in India: Responsible Civil Servants’ View from the Inside V K AGNIHOTRI and R K DAR
NGOs as Partners in the Process of ‘Reform’: Are They the Yogis or the Bhogis of Development? VITHAL RAJAN

III CORPORATE GOVERNANCE: Good Corporate Governance in the Global Economy: What is at Issue? DARRYL REED
Corporate Governance Systems: An Integrative Model and Implications for India ANJU SETH
Role of Government in the Financial Services Industry in the European Union: An International Perspective PAOLA DE VINCENTIIS
Convergence of Divergences: The Changing Legal Frameworks, Free Market Ideology and Corporate Reorganisation in German Enterprises RUDI SCHMIDT
The Emergence and Viability of Participatory Firms PETER ABELL and DIANE REYNIERS
Issues in Corporate Governance in India ASISH K BHATTACHARYYA