Untouchable Citizens - Dalit Movements and Democratisation in Tamil Nadu

Untouchable Citizens - Dalit Movements and Democratisation in Tamil Nadu

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Author: Hugo Gorringe
Publisher: Sage Publications
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 400
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0761933239


This book, the fourth in the series Cultural Subordination and the Dalit Challenge, examines the mode of organisation and engagement in politics of the Dalits in Tamil Nadu, and their contribution to the processes of democratisation and egalitarianism. Situating the Dalit movement in the context of socio-political changes in Tamil Nadu, the book covers the following issues:

The current condition of the Dalits in Tamil Nadu, the reasons for their protests and the forms they take.

The consequences of the extra-institutional mobilisation of the Dalits for democratic politics in Tamil Nadu.

The articulation and implementation of the ideals and action concepts of the Dalit movement in everyday life at the local level.

The impact of the emergence and entry into electoral politics of the Dalit Liberation Panthers in Tamil Nadu.




Mapping the Movement
Democracy, Demonstrations and Disorder
Victimisation, Violence and Valour
Costs, Coercion and Caste
Identity, Space and Power
Dalit Women and Dalit Movements
Leaders and Leadership
The Move to Politics
Voting for Ourselves
Conclusion: Critical Citizens