Panchatantra - The Stories that Reveal the Truths    (Colour Illustrations)

Panchatantra - The Stories that Reveal the Truths (Colour Illustrations)

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Author: Vishnu Sharma
Kunwar Anil Kumar/
Compilor: Kunwar Anil Kumar
Publisher: Manoj Publications
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 120
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8181337905


When the teachers failed to impart knowledge to the frivolous princes, Pandit Vishnu Sharma promised the king that he could put sense into them through moral stories. He did it and the princes became astute youngmen.

That is the background of the creation of Panchatantra. It proves that the teacher knew the basic principles of education and was well versed with child psychology. He taught the princes wisdom and common sense through a series of engaging stories featuring birds and animals which later became famous all over the world. The stories make several volumes. The stories became an inspiration and the models for thousands of other stories created later on.

The stories are simple but the message is sublime and they touch the heart in a very natural way. When the herd of elephants would pass that way thousands of rats would get crushed under their hooves. The king of rats requested to the king of elephants to change his route. He said that may be, some day he would be able to pay back kindness in some way if he was obliged.

The elephant king obliged and changed the route of his herd. Sometime later, the hunters laid traps for elephants. The king elephant got trapped. The king rat heard the cry and realized that the elephant was in trouble. He gathered his rat army and raced to the trapped elephant king. They gnawed away the ropes of the trap and freed the elephant. Don’t ignore someone because of his size. No one knows when you will require the help of whom.



The Marriage of a Snake
The Donkey and The Cunning Fox
A Poor Brahmin’s Dream
The Camel with a bell round his neck
The thief and the sanyasi
King Nanda and Vararuchi
Two Fish and A Frog
Why the Owls Became Enemies of the Crows
The Donkey who sang a song
The Rabbits and The Elephants
Somilaka the Weaver
The Old wise Crow
The Cunning Judge
The Merchant and the Barber


The Golden Birds and The Golden Swans
The Old Greedy Crane
The Foolish Jackal
The Golden Bird and The King
The Mouse and The Bull
The Fox and The Elephant
Three Fish and The Fishermen
The Jackal and The Drum
Beware of Mean Friends
The Frog And The Serpent
The Golden Goat
When The Lion Came Back to Life
The Cunning Snake


The Taketive Tortoise
The Sage and The Mouse
The Revenge of the Elephant
The Pecock and The Fox
The Donkey and The Lepord’s Skin
The Jackal and The Arrow
The Stag and His Antlers
The Hunter and The Doves
The Fake King
The Brahmin and The Three Thugs
The Little Mice and The Big Elephants
The Brahmin and The Snake
The Clever Jackal
The Cat, The Rat and The Hunter