Readings From Thirukkural  (ENGLISH + HINDI)

Readings From Thirukkural (ENGLISH + HINDI)

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Author: G N Das
Editor(s): G N Das
Publisher: Abhinav Publications
Year: 1997
Language: multilingual
Pages: 134
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170173426


Thirul Kural, the immortal didactic scripture also esteemed as Uttar Veda or Later Vedas, was composed by the ancient Tamil saint-poet Thiru Valluvar in the 2nd century AD. It has also got the reputation of being the highest translated scripture of the world in some 75 Indian and foreign languages. Its wholesale verse translation in Oriya was done by this author in the year 1993.

It is astonishing to find the saint-poet deal with as many as 133 topics of primary human interest on Dharma (Piety), Artha (Economics) and Kama (Love not lust) in ten couplets under each topic which are as much valid today as they were in ancient times. The reader is invited to the treat of the illuminating scripture in the pages of this book.



Address of Hon’ble Shri B Satyanarayan

Reddy, former Governor of Orissa



Readings from Thirukkural