The Mystique of Gems & Stones

The Mystique of Gems & Stones

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Author: Bhojraj Dwivedi
Publisher: Diamond
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 216
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171827918


This book contains all the details that the author has learned by such extensive journey in search of collection and knowledge. It tells as to how wearing he variety of gems, semi-precious stones, the lockets, the rights, the talismans made out of them, the quantum of which element in which object and putting them on person following which guidelines of ritualistic process as ordained in the person’s faith and mindset-all have been discussed.

Gems are used to dispel evil impact of planets occurring at various stages of a person’s life. Gems also enhance already existing favourable aspects apart from their use in various diseases in the form of medicines.

Certain gems are costly but can be substituted by cost effective gems but then all gems do not suit all persons alike. This book throws ample light on all the relevant aspects concerning gems. The book will serve as a guide to the inquisitive readers who were feeling handicapped due to non-availability of a suitable book-this book fills the gap.


Does one’s luck favour after wearing a gem?
How to dispel the evil effects & correct defects in destiny
The process of stopping bad luck phase and the ways as to how the evil effects of the stars can be dispelled.
Characteristics of the gems and their forms.
From where the gems are found?
The names of gems and their classification.
The names of eightyfour types of gems.
Introduction of a few more special gems (outside the eightyfour).
Where and how the gems are manufactured.
The mines of gems renowned world over.
History of gems and precious stones, from ancient times down the ages
The concept of wearing combined gems, their utility and the scientific explanations
How does a gem function to affect human life.
Which are the purposes of gems?
Some acknowledged facts about the influence of gems upon life.
The fateful rings
The astrological explanations behind wearing a gem.
The astrological concepts for wearing the gems according to the lagans (that means the influence of stars at the time of one’s birth, also called ascendant).
The scientific explanations of influence of gems
Explanation of the VIBGYOR
Moon sign and the gems
Sun sign and the gems
The stars at the time of birth, their colours and their tree
The process of wearing gems, according to the birth of stars
Science that determines a degree of the benefic gems.
Which is the most favourable determinant for wearing a gem, according to the zodiac sign of the jataka (native), or that foretold in his horoscope?
How far is it beneficial to wear a gem according to the principle of the star’s cycle in his life.
Should the gem touch one’s skin always, or, it should be left around one’s person?
Should a gem’s effect be better if studded in a ring or in locket?
Ruby that assigns the Raj Yoga or high public honour.
Pearl that renders peace and coolness.
Coral that makes a human industrious.
Heassonite that takes care of the Rahu (Caput Dreconis)
Yellow Sapphire that ensures ascendance to the Fifth House (Devloka)
Blue Sapphire that endows the mysterious effects, always
Emerald that ensures intelligence.
Car’s Eye
Diamond the king of the jewels
Beads which ensure dispelling the evils.