Studies In Jaina Art And Iconography & Allied Subject

Studies In Jaina Art And Iconography & Allied Subject

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Author: R T Vyas
Publisher: Abhinav Publications
Year: 1995
Language: English
Pages: 436
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170173167


The present volume is published by the Oriental Institute, M S University of Baroda in sacred memory of late Dr U P Shah, Ex-Deputy Director and General Editor, Ramayana Deptt. Of the Institute. It contains research articles specially written by scholar-friends of Dr Shah from the world over, ranging from Jaina Philosophy, Jaina Iconography, Art-History to Indian Literature in general, as his interest too ranged to all the afore-mentioned subjects.

As will be evident from the life-sketch and the bibliography of his works, Dr Shah made an impact in the field of Jaina Iconography and Art-History, though he handled, with equal felicity, subjects related to Oriental studies. Some of the articles appearing in this volume break new ice regarding certain knotty points of Jaina philosophical thought and religious practices. It would be helpful to view the contents of this volume from the standpoint of long, mutual affinity and correlatedness of the ancient Vedic and Jaina traditions that flourished coevally over a great stretch of time in this country of uncommon tolerance and understanding of opposing ideas and ideals, evincing brilliant insights into the problems of Being and Consciousness ever probed by human mind. The methodology of symbolical representation of transcendental principles and perceptions evolved in both Jaina and Brahmanical traditions of thought is well-documented in this volume, which will prove to be a treasure for the students of Oriental studies in general and Indology in particular.






Dr Umakant P Shah: An Indologist & Art Historian
Dr U P Shah Some Reflections
Jaina Iconography: Evolution and Appraisal
Two Jain Yantras of the Fifteenth Century
Vaddamanu-An Early Jaina Site in Guntur District, A P
Jain Epistemology
Some Educational Implications of Jain Philosophy
Doctrine of Karma and Jaina Ethics
The Regional Tradition of Early Medieval Sapta Matrka
Sculptures in Western India (Rajasthan and Gujarat)
Jaina Sculptures from Rohtak
A Rare Marble Sculpture of Neminatha from Bhatinda, District Bhatinda, Punjab Indian Cave-Temple Architecture: An Assessment
Local History and Chaitya Paripati
Hayagriva at Khajuraho
A Proposed Methodology for the Study of System of Proportions in Indian Temple Architecture
The Case Study of Sunak Temple
On Some of the Iconometric Details in the Samarangana- Sutradhara of Bhojadeva
Khajuraho - Beginning of New Iconological Cycle
Invocations & Petitions in the Soma Hymns of Rgveda-Samhita
The Notion of Distinctive Features in Sanskrit Phonetics
A Note on Asti
Ramayana & Public Discourse in Medieval India
The Cult of Parasurama & Its Popularity in Orissa
Manuscript Sources for Old Gujarati/Old Western Rajasthani Dialectology
On the Status of Old Indo-Aryan Reconstructions
Lists of the Major Puranas as Obtained in the Puranas
Ramayana Manuscripts
A Note on Passages 9 & 13 of Appendix I of the Uttarakanda
Hagiography and Sects in the Medieval Vaisnava
Bhakti of Western India
Sanskrit Geographical Tables
Modern Sanskrit Plays: A Brief Survey
The Vivarta
Some Unconventional Views on Rasav
Some Minor Ramayana-Poets in the Medieval Gujarati Literature
Puranic Etymologies: Some Remarks
Sita-tyaga Whether Kalidasa Wrote It First?
Indo-European Beliefs in Classical Greek and Indian Drama
Marital Status of the Nymph Urvasi in Kalidasa’s Vikramorvasiyam
Contents of Ramayana Some Observations
The Compound Verb in Gujarati and its Use in Connected Text
New Light on the Ancient History of Kausambi
A Survey of Manuscript-Collections in Gujarat