Religion And Theatre

Religion And Theatre

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Author: M L Varadpande
Publisher: Abhinav Publications
Language: English
Pages: 297
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170171652


This relationship starts from ancient magico-religious rituals and continues through ages right upto present times. In this long history we find different religions adopting different attitude towards theatrical arts. In many cases theatre became a most powerful medium of propagation of religious creeds. It was considered that the best way to appeasse God is to offer him theatricals. Beautiful maidens were consecrated to the temples to serve the deities by entertaining them with songs, music, dance and drama. One time the magnificent temple of Brihadeshvara had in its service four hundred Devadasis skilled in theatrical arts.

Advent of Bhakti movement in India gave new impetus to the theatrical arts in India. Various theatrical forms purported to depict Leelas or divine acts of various deities emerged all over the country. Grants were made to temples and religious establishments to sustain theatrical activities.

The book gives all interesting information about various facets of theatre-religion relationship. The author, known for his erudite scholarship, examines minutely various evidences including ancient cave paintings, folk and tribal rituals, inscriptions, religious scriptures and theatrical forms themselves.

The book is must for the serious students of Indology and Indian Theatre.



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Religion and Theatre
Dance-Worship of Stupas
References of Temple
Theatre in Inscriptions
Appendix B Vanajatra: Religious Processional Theatre
Children’s Mystery
Opera: Ras
Shakuntala Sculptures