Indian Ballet Dancing

Indian Ballet Dancing

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Author: Projesh Banerjee
Publisher: Abhinav Publications
Year: 1983
Language: English
Pages: 177
ISBN/UPC (if available): 817017175X


Out of the Variegated styles of Indian dance, the author, a reputed balletomane of the country, who is well known and popular among the choreographers and coryphées, has selected this particular type, viz, the Indian ballet which besides the two other forms, classical and folk-dances, is itself a separate form with its individualistic character and technique.

The Indian ballet dance form, which occupies a secure place in India’s traditional and rich cultural heritage, had been neglected for long and no attempt has been made so far by anyone to write a book on the subject. So the author, as a staunch devotee of Indian dance, thought it to be his bounden duty to show the path to the other writers of fine arts to follow, and by their research work add much more for the benefit of the ballet dancers and art lovers.

The book covers a wide range, traversing over ancient, medieval and indigenous ballets, comes down to the contemporary forms. Almost all the facets, connected with ballet dancing, such as light, ballet-music, choreography etc., have not only been touched and dealt with, but have been adored and embellished. It is a fascinating work, first of its kind, and very interesting and pulsating, which the reader will try to gulp in one sitting.




Historical Background

Indigenous Ballets

Modern Ballets

Ballet Departments