History of Indian Theatre

History of Indian Theatre

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Author: M L Varadpande
Publisher: Abhinav Publications
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 297
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170172217


This is the first volume of the six-volume History of Indian Theatre.Written by an eminent scholar author, this veritable encyclopedia speaks about an early phase of India’s theatre history, which also is the history of India’s fine arts.

For the first time the origin and evolution of theatrical arts in India is traced in an elaborate manner providing an insight into one of the oldest theatrical traditions of the world. The book draws from the sources including Mesolithic cave paintings, ancient archaeological finds and mass of literature belonging to the Vedic and Buddhist era to give you the complete picture of India’s theatre history.

In a lucid style it tells about ritualistic dances and hunt dramas of aboriginals; statuettes of dancers, jesters and string manipulated puppet toys belonging to earliest known urban civilization of India – the Indus civilization; dramatic rituals full of dancing, singing and music; the dancing gods and compositions in dialogue form of early Aryans; the troupes of actors moving in the country enacting humorous plays and erotic dances; efforts of the state administration to impose entertainment tax and strict code of censors and the flourishing theatre of the people.

The book also tells about the advent of Greeks in India and their theatrical activities, staging of a play Agen in the military camp of Alexander the Great and the play written in Greek and Indian languages found in Egypt. It discusses the problem of Greek influence on Indian theatre in detail and speaks about Indian view of theatre.This well-documented and profusely illustrated work presents an enchanting panorama of India’s early theatre history in a manner at once scholarly and interesting.

Known for his erudition and profound scholarship, author (b; 1936) is an eminent theatre historian of India. His major works published by Abhinav Publications are Traditions of Indian Theatre, Ancient Indian and Indo-Greek Theatre, Religion and Theatre and Krishna Theatre in India. His other well-known works on Indian theatre are Invitation to an Indian Theatre and The Critique of Indian Theatre (Ed.). The Sahita Akademi, India’s National Academy of Letters, has published his book Shripad Krishna Kolhatkar in Marathi (out of print), Hindi (Second Edition) and Punjabi. It is now being translated into English. His forthcoming works are the Mahabharata in Performance and Ankia Nat: Vaishnava Opera of Assam. As a Research Fellow of the Indian Council of Historical Research he is working on the research project Temple Theatre in India.



The Fifth Veda

Early Phase

Ritual and Theatre

As We Move Further

Theatre Of The People

Contribution of Religion

Entertainers Dionysus In India

Indian Concept Of Drama



List of Illustrations