Soundings on South Asia

Soundings on South Asia

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Author: Syed Ali Mujtaba
Publisher: New Dawn
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 226
ISBN/UPC (if available): 1932705406


Soundings on South Asia is an attempt to provide a compendium of the region’s development. The book highlights the various issues, which are generally being debated in the region. The focus is first on individual countries and then on larger South Asian context to help understand the broader dynamics at play in the region. Since most of the issues are still relevant, by putting them in the proper perspective, the book provides a panoramic view of the developing themes in the region.

South Asia’s inability to forge a regional identity is challenged by theories which argue that the differences between countries are not as large as they seem. The book begins with the hypothesis: can South Asia ever become the United States of South Asia (USSA) and answers that the task is difficult, but not impossible. The author discusses the reasons that are responsible for coming in the way of regional integration and formation of South Asian identity.

The core argument remains that salvation of the region lies in mitigating the subcontinental differences and sewing a pan-south-Asian identity. Soundings on South Asia is a collection of over seventy articles on ear contemporary themes. It’s a layman’s manual to understand the region in its totality. The book contains fifteen chapters including Soundings and Resounding as the first and last chapters.




Soundings on South Asia

Partition of India and Its Aftermath: Did Jinnah Want Pakistan? Pakistan-The Unfulfilled Dream

India-Pakistan: Breaking the Shackles of History

Kashmir: The Genesis of Kashmir Issue

Sri Lanka: Nuances of Sri Lanka’s Ethnic Problem

The Maldives: The Maldives on Developmental Path

Bangladesh: Bangladesh: Emergence and Lessons

Nepal: Nepal at Crossroads

Bhutan: Bhutan Faces Identity Crisis

Myanmar: Military Rules Myanmar

Afghanistan: Afghanistan after soviet Withdrawal

South Asia I: Insecurity Plagues South Asia

South Asia II: South Asia: Problem of Ethnicity Conflagrate

Saarc: Regionalism through Saarc

Resounding on South Asia