The Winning Team

The Winning Team

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Author: Githa Hariharan
Taposhi Ghoshal/
Illustrator: Taposhi Ghoshal
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 96
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8129105705


Once there was a storyteller who was out of work. He didn’t know how it happened-but he no longer had anyone to tell his stories to.

But luckily for Kahani Bhai (also called Bhai K), he finds the best audience in the world-the winning team of friends, Nasira, Gopal, Akbari, Veer, Dulari and Ram. And like magic, or like the kahaniwala he really is, all the old stories crowding Bhai K’s mind, all the happy, clever and funny faces-of Tenali Raman, Naseeruddin Hodja, Gopal Bhar, Birbal-Change into people he knows. Knows as well as the children sitting around him, in the city he lives in, near the villages and towns he has seen with his own eyes.


Bhai K Makes a Comeback

The Goddess’ Day Out

Moving Hills

Ramu the Boy Wonder

Nasira Begum and the Landlord

The Astrologer’s Real Face

Ram Dulari’s Golden Mangoes

Ferryboy Nasser

Veer Bal’s Unlucky Day

The Winning Team