My Brush With Art - An Anthology of Contemporary Indian Art

My Brush With Art - An Anthology of Contemporary Indian Art

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Author: Eminent Artistes
Editor(s): Lakshmi Lal
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 164
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8129104211


Contemporary Indian Art is, give or take a decade, three quarters of a century old. This book covers artists who worked, grew to maturity and established themselves in the post-Independence years. Lakshmi Lal brings to their work the insights of a seasoned viewer whose joy in experiencing art is both infectious and illuminating.

This book is a collection of articles on contemporary Indian art written mainly for The Times of India in the 1980s. It includes an extensive feature written for Taj Magazine on artists working in Mumbai and the text written in 1992 for the catalogue of a specially curated show (Journeys within Landscapes) mounted by the Sakshi Gallery.



Mumbai Artscape
Remembered Geography, Imagined History
Death in Life
To Keep the Spark Kindling
That’s the Real Problems
The Agony and the Irony
Nests of Ease
Shades of Shakti
Of Colour and Light
A Quality of Myth
A Filtered Image Held in Suspense
Homespun Gods
Her World is Windowed
Painting is the Art of Making Images
One God Leads to another
The Dare and the Discipline
Blood Runs Lukewarm in city Veins
A Time, a Place , a Face
A Space for Heads
Silence Inside the Square
To Alarm, to Arouse, To Alert
The Seed it is That Speaks
Colour is Not Just a Rip-off
What Yellow Means to Me
Tapping a Cosmic Source
Saying it Now and Quickly
Internal Dialogue Painted Aloud
To the Tune of the Warli Pipe
Collector’s Medley
An Art Lover Remembers
Journeys within Landscapes