Sikhism And Six Hindu Systems

Sikhism And Six Hindu Systems

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Author: Trilochan Singh
Anurag Singh/
Publisher: B Chattar Singh Jiwan Singh
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 164
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8176013560


The Sikh Gurus established the New faith not for confrontation with any religion, but to bring all religions in the spirit of moral and spiritual cooperation in the love of God. The Sikh Gurus established a religion, which like all higher religions of the world had its own social, cultural and religious institutions, but in the scriptures and their spiritual teachings they gave a path of human brotherhood, which even today inspires mankind all over the world with truth, truthful living, peace, equality and justice.

Sikh scriptures, Adi Guru Granth is hailed as synthesis of literature. Hence we find various terms and concepts of Indian Philosophy in Sikh Scriptures, which has baffled the scholars and prompted them to either reject the scriptures, or define Sikhism as a reformed sect of Hinduism.

On the contrary these terms and concepts have been discussed, developed and redefined in the Sikh Scriptures in the light of Sikh Gurus did not quarrel with terms, but redefined them in the light of their own mystical experience and Truth. With all the differences, which are purely doctrinal, Sikh Gurus and Apostles maintained profound respect for the Rsis of Six Hindu systems: Sad Darsanas.

Even though Bhai Gurdas, who made the first attempt to systemize Sikh Philosophy, expressed doctrinal differences with every one of the Six Hindu systems, he calls the Rsi authors Gurmukhs.

This book is a first attempt at comparative study of Sikhism and contemporary philosophies on the basis of Bhai Gurdas exposition of Sikhism and Six Hindu systems, which will be of immense value for scholars and students of comparative study of religions.





A Brief Account of the Life and Works of Bhai Gurdas


Six Hindu Systems

Nyaya System of RSI Gautama

Purva Mimamsa System of RSI Jaimini

Vedanta of RSI Vyasa

Sankhya Darsana of RSI Kapila

Vaisesika System of RSI Kanada

Yoga System of RSI Patanjali




Doctrinal Index

General / Sanskrit Index