Sardar Panikkar - His Life and Times

Sardar Panikkar - His Life and Times

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Author: Konniyoor R Narendranath
Publisher: Publications Division
Year: 1998
Language: English
Pages: 210
ISBN/UPC (if available): 812305881


The present work is significantly entitled Sardar Panikkar: His Life and Times. It intends to cover not only the private career of Panikkar as an individual, but attempts to trace the history of the times as well, while narrating the events that constitute the personal life of a public figure.

This dovetailing of the personal and the historical, the private and the public, of what pertains to the individual and what concerns the community at large, follows perhaps Panikkar's own idea of the essence of history. Not the actions by themselves, but their consequences, appear to be the author's focus. This he achieves without sacrificing the value of biography as readable recreation of fiction. The episodes have to be reconstructed, and this requires the active operation of the imagination.

The purpose of writing the biography of a great man is perhaps two-fold: first, to disseminate information about him and his times to futurity; second to explore and discover the nature of human greatness. The author's attempt here is commendable on both counts.


Early Years
Oxford and After
New Delhi
Chamber of Princes of Patiala
Constituent Assembly
States Reorganisation Commission
The Last Phase