Encyclopedia of Postcolonial Studies

Encyclopedia of Postcolonial Studies

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Author: John C Hawley
Emmanuel S Nelson/
Editor(s): John C Hawley / Emmanuel S Nelson
Publisher: Greenwood Press
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 510
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0313311927


The collapse of empires has resulted in a remarkable flourishing of indigenous cultures in former colonies. The end of the colonial era has also witnessed a renaissance of creativity in the postcolonial world as modern writers embrace their heritage. The experience of postcolonial has also drawn the attention of academics from various disciplines and has given rise to a growing body of scholarship. This reference book overviews the present state of postcolonial studies and offers a refreshingly polyphonic treatment of the effects of globalization on literary studies in the 21st century.

The volume includes more than 150 alphabetically arranged entries on postcolonial studies around the world. Entries on individual authors provide brief biographical details abut primarily examine the author's handling of postcolonial themes. So too, entries on theoreticians offer background information and summaries the person's contributions to critical thought. Entries on national literatures explore the history of postcoloniality and the ways in which writers have broadly engaged their legacy, while those on important topics discus the theoretical origin and current ramifications of key concepts in postcolonial studies. Cross-references and cited works for further reading are included, while a comprehensive bibliography conclude the volume.


John C Hawley isw Associate Professor of English at Santa Clara University California and editor of nine other books including Postcolonial and Queer Theroies.


A useful guide for scholars and students
- Choice

With almost one hundred collaborators from around the globe, Hawley indeed creates a unique Forum for International Voices, and represents well the considerably widened geographical and cultural scope of postcolonial studies.
- World Literature Today

This volume belongs on the bookshelf of every advanced student of postcolonial studies.
- Religious Studies Review

An excellent reference work useful for the initiated and the novice.. For Africanists it will open new territory while bringing African material into paroper focus as well.
- Research in African Literatures

A major turn-of-the century resource. The Encyclopedia of poastcolonial Studies catalogs the chnge and continuities that connect 19th century colonial ambitions with 21st century critical aspirations. The international scholars who contribute to this critical itinerary themselve represent the emergent and vangurd ranks of academics and disciplinary transformations in the new agee of globalization.
- Barbara Harlow, Univerity of Texas, Austin and Author of Resistance Literature.



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