Teachings of Sufism

Teachings of Sufism

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Author: Eminent Contributors
Translator(s): Carl W Ernt
Publisher: Shambhala
Year: 1999/2
Language: English
Pages: 217
ISBN/UPC (if available): 1569570213


Sufism has been defined in different ways by scholars and religionists: some call it the mystical tradition of Islam, others the universal heart of all spirituality. But for many mystics it can only mean one thing-that when you love God, you die to yourself and live in Him.

The readings in this book, ranging from the tenth to the twentieth century and mostly deriving from the Middle East and India, offer a glimpse into the living world of the Sufis.



Mystical Understanding of the Qur'an

The Character of the Prophet Muhammad

Spiritual Practice

Divine and Human Love

Listening To Music

Ethical Practice

Mastery and Discipleship

Lives of the Saints

Notes on Sources

Index of Qur'anic Passages and Prophetic Sayings