The Qur'anic Cosmology - The Eternal Truth

The Qur'anic Cosmology - The Eternal Truth

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Author: Moid Siddiqui
Publisher: Kitab Bhavan
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 117
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171513441


Cosmic is the creation of God, without any partnership. To understand His greatness one has to understand the vastness of Cosmos. Human vocabulary is incapable to describe the glory of God. For this reason, Lao Tzu - the old master of 5th Century BC - says , "For lack of words I call Him great".

Scientific discoveries in Astronomy today are being called the latest ones. But thee have already been revealed in Divine Scriptures, even centuries ago, especially in Holy Qur'an. Whether that's matter of creation of universe or the existence of Universes in Cosmos - or about The Hour destined, which is named as Big Crunch by leading Cosmologists.

Thus Qur'anic Cosmology is not only a notable study on topic, but a wonderful trip to mysterious world of eternal living truths as well.


Moid Siddiqui is the recipient of several honours and awards including the All India Management Association’s Best Management Book of 1996 for The Brave New Manager, The International Greenland Society Gold Award and The Rajiv Gandhi Memorial national Award. He has also scripted and directed several management videos on productivity, organizational development and industrial relations. Door Darshan telecast his film Shraddhanjahali on national network; Late Mr Rajiv Gandhi, the then prime Minister of India wrote a letter of appreciation to him.



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