Che Guevara Reader

Che Guevara Reader

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Author: Eminent Contributors
Editor(s): David Deutschmann
Publisher: LeftWord
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 438
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187496401


Recognized as one of Time’s icons of the 20th century, Che Guevara became a legend in his own time and has now reemerged as a political symbol of a new generation of political activists. More than a guerrilla strategist, Che Guevara made a profound and lasting contribution to revolutionary theory, as is demonstrated in this new, expanded edition of the Che Guevara Reader.

This Reader includes four sections: the Cuban revolutionary war (1956-58); the years in government in Cuba (1959-65); Guevara’s views of the major international issues of the time, especially a vision of the Latin American revolution; and a selection of letters written by Guevara, including his farewell letters to Fidel Castro and his children and family.

The Che Guevara Reader has been prepared in association with the Che Guevara Studies Centre of Havana, Cuba. The most authoritative collection to date of the work of primary material on Cuba and Latin America in the 1950s and 1960s.


Ernesto Che Guevara

Introduction to the second edition by David Deutschmann



Selections from Episodes of the Revolutionary War
A revolution begins
Alegria de Pio
The battle of La Plata
A betrayal in the making
The murdered puppy
A decisive meeting
The final offensive and the battle of Santa Clara
El Patojo
What we have learned and what we have taught (December 1958)
The essence of guerrilla struggle (1960)
Guerrilla warfare: A method (September 1963)


Social ideals of the Rebel Army (January 29, 1959)
Political sovereignty and economic independence (March 20, 1960)
Speech to medical students and health workers (August 20, 1960)
Notes for the study of the ideology of the Cuban Revolution (October 1960)
Cuba: Historical exception or vanguard in the anticolonial struggle? (April 9, 1961)
A new culture of work (August 21, 1962)
The cadre: Backbone of the revolution (September 1962)
To be a Young Communist (October 20, 1962)
A party of the working class (1963)
Against bureaucratism (February 1963)
On the budgetary finance system (February 1964)
Socialism and man in Cuba (1965)


Speech to the Latin American youth congress (July 28, 1960)
The OAS conference at Punta del Este (August 8, 1961)
The Cuban Revolution’s influence in Latin America (May 18, 1962)
Tactics and strategy of the Latin American Revolution (October-November 1962)
The philosophy of plunder must cease (March 25, 1964)
At the United Nations (December 11, 1964)
At the Afro-Asian conference in Algeria (February 24, 1965)
Create two, three, many Vietnams (Message to the Tricontinental, April 1967)


To Jose E Marti Leyva
To Jose Tiquet
To Dr Fernando Barral
The Guillermo Lorentzen
To Peter Marucci
To Dr Aleida Coto Martinez
To the companeros of the motorcycle Assembly Plant
To Pablo Diaz Gonzalez
To Lydia Ares Rodriguez
To Maria Rosario Guevara
To Jose Medero Mestre
To Eduardo B Ordaz Ducunge
To Haydee Santamaria
To Dr Regino G Boti
To Elias Entralgo
To My Children
To Hildita
To Fidel Castro
To My Children



Bibliography of Che Guevara’s writings and speeches