Life of Guru Nanak

Life of Guru Nanak

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Author: Sarjit Singh Bal
Publisher: Punjabi University
Year: 1984
Language: English
Pages: 275
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


Guru Nanak has a unique place amongst the spiritual leaders, preceptors, reformers and saints of India. His teachings have a universal appeal and they hold good for all ages.

The present book is one of the set which is being published by the Panjab University on the auspicious occasion. The book is an exhaustive biography of Guru Nanak. The author has tried to discover the man who founded the Sikh religion. He has made critical use of the Janamsakhis and other early accounts of the life of Guru Nanak and has brought out the true greatness of the Guru, without using the myths associated with him.


Life of Guru Nanak, the narrative, incorporates the incidents of Janam Sakhis. The writer is frank about Nanak’s family background, making no attempt of romanticize his other than other-worldly father…The book is meticulously annotated and is based on careful research.
-The Sunday Statesman

Life of Guru Nanak…The author’s description of the twin influences of the Bhakti movement and the Sufi cult in shaping the thought of Kabir and the preparation of the ground by that great savant for the flowering of a religion of the centre, is apt and a fitting curtain-raiser to the appearance of Nanak on he scene.
-The Illustrated Weekly of India

Life of Guru Nanak…Sarjit Singh Bal is a trained historian. Dr Bal has at his command whatever is available-original, secondary or tertiary and has resourcefully constructed a detailed, even-paced narrative.
-The Times of India

Life of Guru Nanak is an exhaustive biography of the great Teacher, wherein the author has attempted to discover the man hidden under the mythical accounts. He has, however, made critical use of Janam Sakhis and other available accounts. The introductory chapter gives a commendable background. The book is a good piece of literature.
-The Tribune

Life of Guru Nanak prepared by Dr Bal gives ample proof of his extensive and intensive study of the source materials available in English and Punjabi. He has dealt with the subject in a critical and analytical manner…Dr Bal has throughout tried to depict the life of Guru Nanak in the true historical perspective.


Unusual Child
Problem for the Father
Refusing To Settle Down
Taking up Service
The Momentous Day
Fighting Shams
Teaching the Holy
Resisting Temptations
Singing his most Ecstatic Song
Silencing the Hypocrite
Describing the Palace of God
Preaching God’s Immanence
Teaching Humility to the Learned
Challenging Formalism Abroad
Undergoing his most Poignant Experience
Rebuking the Wealthy
Raising his Headquarters
Founding the Sikh Church
The Last Journey