Ethics in Management - Vedantic Perspectives

Ethics in Management - Vedantic Perspectives

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Author: S K Chakraborty
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 294
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0195640926


The runaway success of the author’s earlier book, Management by Values: Towards Cultural Congruence demonstrated the widespread need Indian managers have felt for an integration of western management skills and systems with a holistic, home-grown cultural ethos and value system.

In this book, Professor Chakraborty develops the themes propounded in his earlier work to provide a systematic presentation of the relevant Vedantic and allied principles in a conceptual and empirical framework. From an overall perspective of Vedantic ethical vision and its application to managerial and corporate ethical morality, he examines what that system can teach us about individual leadership, transformation of the work ethos and ethics and productivity.


This book emphasizes the need for value-driven management it is an invitation for experiential endeavour and transformation, The Indianness of the book is appealing.
-Business Line

This scholarly treatise attempts to find a remedy to the havoc wrought by the consumerist culture of modern times.
-The Book Review

The book argues for incorporating the wealth of power and foresight-laden information our religion has.
-Financial Express


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Transforming Work Ethos: The Subjective Secret

The Source of Ethics and Values: Secular Rationality or Sacred Rationality?

Work-Ethics Plus Ethics-in-Work

The Indian Heritage and Productivity: A Reappraisal

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