The Iitians

The Iitians

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Author: Sandipan Deb
Publisher: Penguin
Year: 2004
Language: English
Pages: 375
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0670049867


IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) is India’s biggest and most powerful brand, and arguably the toughest and most influential engineering school in the world.

Since the first IIT was set up in the 1950s, thousands of initiates have walked out of the campus gates in Kharagpur, Mumbai, Chennai and elsewhere to become leaders in their chosen fields. In India they head may of the biggest and most admired professionally managed companies. Abroad, they lead giant corporations, and their fats figure in the folklore of Silicon Valley. The power that the alumni of this one bunch of undergraduate schools wields in business, academe and research is comparable to that of Cambridge and Oxford in the heyday of the British Empire.

Sandipan Deb, himself an IITian, delves into his own experience and those of scores of alumni to try and explain what makes IITians such outstanding achievers. In part it may be that they cannot be anything else: only one in every hundred applicants gets admitted. Harvard, in comparison, takes one in eight. The unique village-like campuses peopled only by the super-bright and the intensely competitive hone the IITians’ skills further. No wonder then that when they leave the campus, IITians look upon themselves as special people, capable of competing in their field with the best in the world. And, as their record shows, succeeding.

The IITians is an exploration of how India could create a world-class system of engineering education. Weaving history with autobiography, and anecdotes with hard analysis, Deb shows how the IITs also provide a holistic education that prepares the IITian for success in almost any field. Finally, he also addresses some of the crucial issues facing the IITs, including that of brain drain, as a sizeable percentage of graduates every year migrate to the US. Most of all, The IITians is a success story, peopled by marvelous and passionate characters, entertainingly told.




The Black Sheep
The Homecoming
An Idea Whose Time Had Come
A School for Leaders
The Straitest Gates
The Nation Builder
The Telecom Messiah
The Westward Move
The Pioneers
The Happy Billionaire
The Stuff of Dreams
Paying Back
Indian Institute of Education
What is an IITian?
The Brand Called IIT
The Question of Leadership
Outside the Classroom
Class Struggle
RK KA Tempo
Management School
The Wastrels
The Weirdos
The Toymaker
The Female Factor
A Woman of Substance
The Political Environmentalist
Leaving Home
Living in America
Getting Them Back
Fifty in Bangalore
For the Benefit of the Directors
The Bad News
The Rescue Package
Midnight’s Brahmins