Talisman - Extreme Emotions of Dalit Liberation

Talisman - Extreme Emotions of Dalit Liberation

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Author: Thirumaavalavan
Translator(s): Meena Kandasamy
Publisher: Samya
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 185
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185604681


Translated for the first time into English from the original Tamil, these essays present the characteristically honest and uncompromising views of Thirumaavalavan, a leading Dalit intellectual and MLA of the Viduthalai Chiruthaigal or the Liberation Panthers of Tamil Nadu.

He writes on caste atrocities and casteism, political authoritarianism and anti-democratic behaviour of elected governments, on gender issues; globalization; on Tamil ethnic issues and Hindutva, always from the point of view of ordinary people. Hard-hitting, courageous, thought-provoking, this collection shows new directions in Dalit politics.


Thirumaavalavan, whose writings are translated here, has been one of the most militant and charismatic leaders of this new Dalit movement in Tamil Nadu, a movement which has fought for equality at all levels, and has included a good deal of political experimentation as well as intense intellectual debate. These articles show him as something more, an important intellectual of the movement, taking positions on the issues of women’s liberation, Tamil nationalism, economic rights, Indian and Tamil history, oppression and exploitation of Muslim and other minorities, and the future of democracy. His evolving political position is more consistent with Ambedkar’s own political leadership. We salute the militancy of the Tamil struggle and recognize the justice of Thirumaavalavan’s slogan Hit Back.
-Gail Omvedt


Even the Writings Stink of Casteism


Thunder Out of the Cheri by Gail Omvedt

Che Guevara of the Cheris by Meena Kandasamy

What Rules the Nation: Law or Casteism?
Dalit Uprising: Will It Put an End to Dravidian Politics?
Will America Drop Global Supercop’ism?
Rule of Caste Is the Rule of India!
Is Democracy a Diya or Daylight?
First We Will Prevent the Terrorism of Law!
Castration of History
Police Terrorism
Kannagi: A Symbol of Militancy
Are You the Gandhian Monkeys?
A Slap in the Face!
Judgments: Not to Be Corrected, but to Be Changed
Democracy Is the Religion! Humanism Is the Veda!
Majority Only for Democracy and Equality
Politics in Tamil Nadu: Reeling Around Cinema
The Real Faces of the Dravidian Parties
Legislative Assembly: Not for the Last
His Excellency: Needed Again
No Need for the Election Commission!
Party Colours on the Bull’s Horn: The President’s Election
They Are Superior to Humans
Eelam Is the Foetus of the Tigers
Somalia in Tamil Nadu?
A Raw Tamilian Is Needed!
Musharraf Is Also an Indian!
Even a Private Government Can Be Formed!
Why Was the Mark of Vishnu Thrust?
Tamil Rule Bloomed in the Vanni Forest!
ADMK Is Not a Periyar Movement, It Is a Periyavaal Movement
Change of Name: Not Just a Retrieval of Language, but of History
Are Saivism and Vaishnavism Hindu Religions?
Must Venmani Be Fenced?
Is the Tamil Land Infertile and Fallow?