The Wonder That is Sanskrit - A Set of 2 Multimedia CDs

The Wonder That is Sanskrit - A Set of 2 Multimedia CDs

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Author: A Compilation
Publisher: Kosmic Music
Year: 2002/2004
Language: multilingual
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


This set of two interactive multimedia CDs attempts to communicate the wonders of Sanskrit to even those who have had no previous contact with the language.

This pack includes two multimedia CDs:

Devabhasha - The language of the Gods
Ashtavadhanam- The Eight-fold Concentration

In DEVABHASHA, we see the perfection of Sanskrit grammar, the charm and beauty of Sanskrit literature, the amazing possibilities that the language holds and how, through the centuries, it has served as a medium through which the soul of India has expressed itself.
(Contains Shlokas in audio and printable text)

In ASHTAVADHANAM, we participate in an unbelievable aft form, so rare that few have seen it. We witness the power of concentration, which is the very basis of al realization and success in the material and spiritual fields.
(Contains the performance of audio and video as well as printable text)