The World is Yours to Change  (ENGLISH+HINDI)

The World is Yours to Change (ENGLISH+HINDI)

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Author: Daisaku Ikeda
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Ashok Lal
Publisher: Samskriti
Year: 2011
Language: multilingual
Pages: 205
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187374209


In this book, Japanese Buddhist philosopher Daisaku Ikeda records his frank impressions and views through his encounters and dialogues with some of our world’s important thinkers. He matches wits with representatives of the Buddhist, the Christian , and the Islam Worlds, and the ‘Great Soul’ of India’s Mahatma Gandhi.

“War is caused by people. It is therefore up to the people whether or not we will create a world of peace. This is the challenges, indeed the mission, that has been entrusted to each individual – each young person, in particular – alive today.

Martyrdom means offering up one’s own life, not taking the lives of others. True self-sacrifice is made to save others from suffering, to offer them happiness.

The real struggle of the 21st century will not be between civilizations, or between religions. It will be between violence and nonviolence.

Violence is never the answer to violence. If we desire the fruits of peace, we must sow the seeds of peace. The life of a single individual is more precious than all the treasures of the universe. It is not enough for the media to write, “ Family of five Dead”. No tell us the names of the mother, father and children and the story of their lives.

Education must cultivate the wisdom to reject and resist violence in all its forms. It must foster people who understand the irreplaceable value of human beings and the natural world.

Can you agree with all the above? Some of the above? In this book, we can match wits with representatives of the Buddhist world, the Christian World, and the Islam world, and the ‘Great Soul” of India Mahatma Gandhi in these essays by Japanese Buddhist philosopher Daisaku Ikeda.

Each essay was inspired by an encounter with a man, a woman, a human being born and raised in a culture different from the author’s. Each essay leaves the reader with a taste of hope, and the conviction that, yes ! The World is ours to change.



The Courage of Nonviolence
A Bridge Between Civilizations
Another Way of Seeing Things
Stop the Killing
Religion Exists to Realize Peace
Hearts Still Closed to the World?