Myth and Me -The Indian Story

Myth and Me -The Indian Story

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Author: Lakshmi Lal
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 194
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171677495


This collection of essays, articles and talks forms an authentic overview of Indian myth, legend and philosophy. Grippingly retold in a rich and distinctive style, it is a passionate, personal journey through the vast landscape of Indian myth.

India’s connection with her myth is a living, pulsating part of her psyche. It is the unique flavor of the wonder that is India. Myth and Me-The Indian Story is a handbook on Indian myth aimed at the discerning reader.

It is also a celebration of the magic of Indian story, its insightful and visionary aspects, distilled to crystal clarity for the general reader both here and abroad. It fills a genuine gap in the literature on India whose past is still very much her presents.



The Hindu-Indian World-View
Sound as Mantra
Purusha and Prakruti
Brahma the Creator
Vishnu the Preserver
Shiva the Destroyer
Banaras - Dying Into Moksha


Ganesha Remover of Obstacles
Ganapati Pule
Durga, Destroyer of Evil
Agni God of Fire
Lakshmi Goddess of Prosperity
Divali, Festival of Light
The Ramayana-Epic of All Time
Indian Womanhood - The Myth
Indian Motherhood -The Myth
The Tree in India, Myth and Symbol


The Festival of India in America
Shiva in Philadelphia
Transpersonal Encounters
Myth in Comic Form
Music as Worship
Music for the Gods
Dance in Khajuraho
Abhinaya-Expressional Skills in Dance
The Ramayana as Ballet
Spirit of Music