Jaur Gita Govinda - A Dated Sixteenth Century Classic from Mewar

Jaur Gita Govinda - A Dated Sixteenth Century Classic from Mewar

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Author: Kapila Vatsyayan
Publisher: National Museum
Year: 1979
Language: English
Pages: 125
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


Gita Govinda has a unique impact on the Indian artistic tradition, and its pervasive influence is phenomenal throughout India. Jaur Gita Govinda is the first amongst several published monographs. The manuscript is valuable both as a dated document and for the excellence of its literary and pictorial material.

In an attempt to study the unique role of the Gita-Govinda in the literary, pictorial, musical and theatrical history of the Indian arts between 1250-1850 many hitherto unpublished illustrated manuscripts of the Gita-Govinda have come to light. These belong to diverse schools of Indian miniature painting and cover a vast geographical area ranging from Gujarat to Orissa and Assam.

While an independent larger study is contemplated on the Gita-Govinda and the Indian artistic traditions (literary, visual and the performing arts), the present monograph restricts itself to a consideration of an important illustrated manuscript acquired by the National Museum in 1976. Similar monographs on twenty other unpublished illustrated Gita-Govinda manuscripts are envisages as part of the larger study. This volume should be considered as one of the series.

The manuscript acquired by the National Museum is described so far, as a Gujarati illustrated manuscript of the 16th century. It raises some questions regarding both the language and the prose style of the text, as also the stylistic features of the paintings.




The Manuscript text and Illustrations

Colour plates and their description

Monochrome illustrations

(Devanagari Transliteration by Shri B M Jawalia)

Appendix II. Bibliography of Gita Govinda