Tales and Teachings of the Mahabharat

Tales and Teachings of the Mahabharat

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Author: Janaki Abhishekhi
Illustrator: Vaijayanti Ranade
Publisher: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
Year: 1998
Language: English
Pages: 595
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8172760884


Dharma is the very foundation of the Mahabharat. It is a Dharmagranth, and educates through stories and illustrations that pertain to the problems that we encounter in life. It is this that has made it a perennial source of inspiration.


Your book 'Religion as Knowledge: The Hindu Concept' bears testimony of your reasoned conviction in our Sanatana Dharma. Your effort is appreciated.
- His Holiness the late Sri Jagadguru Shankaracharya Dakshinamnaya Sri Sharada Peetham, Sringeri

A study of your book will be a much needed re-education to all our educated people in politics, administration, teaching, journalism, the professions, and in private life… Your have shown what blessing lie for our people, especially our women if and when they will realize that worship of Saraswati comes first, and then only should come the worship of Lakshmi, that they are not two jealous sisters, as our people in their decadent state have been thinking but are tow very loving an d loveable sisters, with Saraswati standing for pure knowledge and Lakshmi standing for applied knowledge…
-Swami Ranganathananda, Ram Krishana Math, Domalguda, Hyderabad

The title of your book is some what deceptive since religion has a limited meaning in the English language. I was therefore pleasantly surprised that you have touched and explained all the important aspects of our culture, namely religion, the six systems of philosophy, and the achievements of our forefathers in different branches of learning. You have also presented your views in an engaging and lucid language and the book fully deserves to be read by our educated youth and Indians abroad, who have now started evincing interest in their own culture.
-Sri M.R. Yardi, Chairman, Bhandarkar Institute, Pune

Religion as Knowledge: the Hindu Concept says the author, is a serious attempt at informing the average Indian and particularly the Hindu of his philosophy, culture and heritage, this the book does in all seriousness through its twenty chapters dealing with the various aspects of the Sanatan Dharma… The book abounds in information.. To have covered such a wide ground within the compass of a single book of about 400 pages is a creditable feat.
-The Vedanta Kesari




1.Shakuntala and Dushyant
3.Dron and Arjun
4.Sunda and Upasunda
5.Mother’s love
6.Draupadi’s lament
7.Nal and Damayanti
12.Chyavan rishi
13.Ushinara, King of Shibi
14.Wages of easy learning
15.The snake Nahush and Yudhishtir
16.Markandeya visits Pandavas
18.King Indradyumna
19.Women of worth
20.Rishi Mudgal
21.Savitri and Satyavan
22.Vidhur Niti
23.QueenVidura’s advice
24.Krishna’s wisdom
25.Asit Deval muni and mahamuni Jaigishavya
26.Vidur’s description of worldly existence
27.Yudhishtir is urged to discharge duties of ruler
28.Importance of good rule
29.Bhishma’s advice to Yudhistir
30.The importance of integrity
31.Raja Brahmadatta and Poojani
32.Visvamitra and the chandal
33.Shalmali tree and the wind
34.Indra consoles Rishi Kashyap
35.Bhrugu explains the world process to Bharadwaj
36.What is death?
37.The eternal religion
38.The Vaisya Tuladhar enlightens the brahmin Jajali
39.Can ruler punish without violence?
40.Kundadhar’s gift
41.Man’s true worth
42.who killed him?
43.Qualities of the kind and merciful
44.Where goddess Lakshmi loves to reside
45.The Sun gifts shoes and umbrella
46.Chyavan rishi’s friendship and his price
47.Rejecting greed is highest dharma
48.King Marut’s yajna
49.Uttanka’s Loss
50.The mongoose’s story
51.Dharma Tests Yudhistir Thrice