About Us

Since our founding in 1996, India Club has built a reputation by promoting Indian writing and culture through high-quality books and outstanding multimedia. Our goal is to offer engaging content and a memorable shopping experience for our customers.

We specialize in Indian books and multimedia. Our unique inventory offers carefully selected products ranging from books in English, Hindi, Urdu and several other Indian Regional languages, Music, DVDs and handicrafts. Our vast collection of books offers a wide range of scholarship on a variety of subjects. The best of Indian literature includes classical, medieval and contemporary works, original works in regional languages, and translations of award-winning works of fiction, poetry, drama and non-fiction.

History, Philosophy, Spiritual, Yoga literature, and entertaining readings for children featured on our website have drawn wide acclaim. Our Music Store is richly stocked with classical and popular Indian music. We offer some of the best collection of award-winning movies and TV shows in various Indian regional languages.

Explore our large selection of popular books classified under 36 main categories and over 500 sub categories for easier and effective browsing. All our books on India are cherry picked out of tens of thousands of books published each year. Our customer service is impeccable with thousands of satisfied repeat customers. This is primarily because we sell one book at a time. We appreciate our customers' time and go to all lengths in providing them with unmatchable products with competitive prices and secure online ordering.

Based in NJ USA, India Club also has overseas presence.  This ensures quick and easy shipping within the United States, and hassle free airmail shipping worldwide.