India's Development Experience - Selected Writings of S. Guhan

India's Development Experience - Selected Writings of S. Guhan

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Author: S Guhan
S Subramanian/
Editor: S. Subramanian
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 378
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0195655230


This is a posthumous selection of the wide-ranging work of a committed and versatile commentator on India’s development experience. Guhan was uniquely placed to analyze diverse problems of India’s economy, polity and society, from the perspectives of both policy formulation and scholarly evaluation.

This volume takes the reader through various aspects of India’s experience including:
• poverty and its alleviation
• international economic relations
• problems of regional development
• rural backwardness
• social sector deprivation
• public finance within a federal framework
• interstate conflicts over resource sharing
• governance, caste and religion

Guhan’s personal standing and that of his work are reflected in the reminiscences of his many friends and admirers including Granville Austin, Robert Cassen, I.G. Patel, and Manu Shroff. These eminent persons also often doubled up as combatants in their relationship with a man who was no stranger to the pleasures of provocative debate. The book also presents a sample of Guhan’s non-academic work.

For development scholars, ‘India-watchers’, university students, civil servants, policy-makers and interested citizens, this is an important book.