Kasyapa - Samhita or Vrddhajivakiya Tantra (Text with English Translation and Commentary )

Kasyapa - Samhita or Vrddhajivakiya Tantra (Text with English Translation and Commentary )

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Author: P V Tewari
Translator(s): P V tewari
Publisher: Chaukhambha Orientalia
Year: 1996
Language: multilingual
Pages: 792
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


This work, a treatise of ancient period has remained the only source book on Kaumarbhrtya till 19th century AD. Though initial fabrication of sections and number of chapters of each is in tune with Caraka-Samhita, however, subjects dealt are original, some of which are unparalleled.

Hitherto only one hindi translation with commenatary is available, which does not quench the thirst of knowledge of those not so well-versed with Samskrta and /or Hindi. Present edition bridges this gap. Besides, in the commentary views of four important books of ancient period i.e.. Caraka-Samhita, Susruta-Samhita, Astanga-Sangraha and Astanga-Hrdaya are presented under specific headings of the subjects of Kasyapa-Samhita, which provide readers an opportunity to understand the subject of that era in its entirety as well-as specific views of these authors separately. Introduction of the book presents some original thoughts about Kasapa.. The appendixes are likely to be very useful not only to lovers of Ayurveda but also to the students, teachers, and research workers.

Ayurveda, the eternal science of life, surpassing all imaginations regarding its origin, having been taught to mortals by lord Brahma, the god of creation himself, was divided in eight branches or specialities for clear and critical understanding as well as practical/ therapeutic application. Kaumarabhrtya (pediatrics, Obstetrics including gynecology) is one of these eight branches.

Kasyapa-Samhita, the only available source book on Kaumarabhrtya, is presented in the form of compilations of the preachings of god Kasyapa by his disciple Vrddha-Jivaka. With the lapse of time, the book was lost in oblivion and then resurrected by Vatsya, who procured it from an Yaksa named Anayasa.

This Kasyapa-Samhita, having been shown the light of the day by Rajaguru Hemaraja Sarma of Nepal in the year 1938 is actually one fourth or even less than what it would have been in its original form. Rajaguru Sarma has also prefixed an exhaustive historical account of the author, the book, as well as ayurveda in general.

Kasyapa-Samhita is considered specifically the book of Kaumarabhrtya on the basis of the subject matter of the book as well as available last words of few sections; emphasis on the importance of Kaumarabhrtya over other eight branches of ayurveda; the branch being considered as the best; the subject having been taught by Kasyapa for the benefit of children and also the treatment of children described by King Varorvida.

As per description of Kasyapa-Samhita, Vrddha Jivaka is the scribe, who has recapitulated the preachings of Kasyapa. Vatsya, born in the family of Vrddha Jivaka, redacted this book after procuring it from an Yaksa named Anayasa.

Method of presentation of this book Kasyapa-Samhita is unique. The subject is discussed in questions and answer, the format seen in Caraka-Samhita.


SUTRA-STHANAM ( Section on Fundamentals)

VIMANA-STHANAM (Section on specific features)

SARIRA-STHANAM ( Study of Human Body)

INDRIYA-STHANAM ( Section on signs of Lifve and Death i.e. prognosis)

CIKITSITA-STHANAM (Section dealing with treatment)

SIDDHI-STHANAM (Section on successful management)

KALPA-STHANAM (Section on pharmaceutical preparations / sacred percepts)