Education and Human Values

Education and Human Values

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Author: M G Chitkara
Publisher: APH Publishing Corporation
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 00
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8176484520


Values are socially accepted norms to evaluate objects, persons, and situations that form part and parcel of society. Value system is the backbone of a civilized society. Every society abides by certain moral values. The book will be consulted by all who are concerned with education and human values.

There are values which are accepted by all the societies. Knowledge of the Values are inculcated through education. It contributes in forming true men, who are able to face life and its many difficulties, making it meaningful.

Education must instill the fundamental human values; It must broaden the vision, to include the entire world and all mankind. Education must equip man to live happily, without making others unhappy; to evaluate things, pleasure and possessions correctly and without prejudice. Such an education is value based.

The Human Values are: Truth; Right action; Peace; Non-violence and Love. The entire humanity is linked by the bond of love. When this chain of love breaks under the pressure of hate, men are dragged to lower levels; they become animals and even demons. Today, we have to face the tearing apart of the social tissues, eaten by the months of envy, jealously, anger and hatred. Through the practice of the human values, the personality blossoms in its different aspects: Physical, mental, psychic, intellectual and spiritual.

We have entered the new millennium and are at a vantage point. The short-sightedness regarding children has reached epidemic proportions. The future looms so large in the mental horizons of educated parents, that the present is totally engulfed. The present becomes a means to an end, the end being the future. The future has no trace of happiness and compassion as objectives to be attained or traits to be cultivated.

The value of fairness, out of which our whole concept of equity and justice is developed, is unique. Little children seem to have an innate sense of the idea of fairness even apart from opposite conditioning experiences. There are vast differences in how fairness is defined and achieved.

The world today requires a vision, a creative impulse rooted in a motivational force which helps re-discover the best value system. A regeneration of both body and soul is the crying need of the body and soul is the crying need of the time. We have many people who offer solutions to many of our national problems to salvage us. The fact remains that heir suggestions, pleas and ideas, however logical and sensible, have been falling on the deaf ears of our politicians who, it seems, have made up their minds to continue with status quo, so that they can achieve their goals of acquiring unlimited political and economic power for themselves without any interruptions.

Such a state of affairs has landed us in the mess as we see and perceive. This is amply demonstrated by the growing tensions, imbalances and fear of insecurity, which in turn have made us polluted in body, mind and spirit more than ever before. The root cause of problems besetting the world is the crisis of character. The character is like a cloth, if white it can be dyed black, but it cannot be dyed white again. Honesty is a rare available commodity.

Honesty and integrity are essential for the bright future of an individual. Likewise, national character and patriotism are necessary for the welfare of the country. When integrity and patriotism are developed in an individual, his vision becomes broad, and outlook balanced. Every world citizen should imbibe the wealth of noble character acquired by him to uplift the society. Without expecting any reward in return, without hankering after ephemeral and illusory fame, honor and recognition, everyone must concentrate on the society in a selfless manner with all his powers and possessions.