Sufism - Its Saints and Shrines

Sufism - Its Saints and Shrines

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Author: John A Subhan
Publisher: Cosmo Publications
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 423
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8129100010


This work is the first authoritative and detailed account of Sufism as it exists in India and Pakistan, and as such it fills a colossal gap in the study of Sufi mystical movement in Islam in the region.

The author, John A. Subhan was at one time a member of the Qadari Order a well known Sufi Order. He compressed in this book much fascinating material starting with the early history of Sufism and ending with an account of its religious orders and some of its principle saints.

The major highlight of this comprehensive and unique work is the detailed account of the main Sufi Traditional orders which have not been covered with same authenticity in any comparable book. It provides information about the Saints, their practices and thoughts which are not available elsewhere, including accounts on Khwaja Mu’in’ud-Din Chishti, Khwaja Qutubu’d-Din, Hamza Shahi, Baha’ud-din Zakaria, Sadru’d-Dun- Shaykh Ahmad Ma’shuq, attar, Jalau’d-din Rumi, Faridu’d Din, Baba Ratan, Mas’ud Ghazi, Bibi Pakdaman, and many others.

It is an effort to place before the readers, in systematic form, the varied and extensive thought, and often hidden material and practices of Sufism, some of which is drawn from the original sources of Urdu and Persian literature.




Preface of Second Edition


1.The Early History of Sufism
2.Later Development of Sufism
3.The Sufi Gnostic System
4.The Path - The Stages of the Path
5.The Path (Continued) - Devotion to the pir-Sufi devotions
6.Notable features of Sufi Practice
7.The Introduction of Sufism into India Baba Ratan
8.The Relation of Sufism to Indian Thought
9.The Origin of Religious Orders
10.The Flour Main Orders
11.The Chishti Order
12.The Chishti Order after the death of Mu’inu’d-Din
13.The Nizami and Sabiri Section of the Chishti Order
14.The Chishti Order in The West
15.The Suhrawardi Order
16.The Sub-divisions of the Suhrawardi Order
17.The Qadiri Order - Some early Saints of the Order
18.The Qadiri Order (Continued) - The Husayn Shahi and Miyan Khel Sections.
19.The Naqshbandi Order - The early Saints of the Naqshbandi Order in India
20.The Naqshbandi Order -The doctrine or Qayyumiyat
21.Some Minor Orders



A. A List of the Principal Saints of Indian Sufism

B. The Principal Anniversaries of the Saints in India.