Encyclopaedia of Buddhism:   (Volume XIX)

Encyclopaedia of Buddhism: (Volume XIX)

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Author: M G Chitkara
Publisher: APH Publishing Corporation
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 000
ISBN/UPC (if available): 817648198X


This book of 21-volume set on Buddhism, points out that that the fundamental precept of Buddhism is interdependence or the Law of Cause and Effect.

This simply states that everything, which an individual being experiences, is derived through action from motivation. Motivation is thus the root of both action and experience. From this understanding are derived the Buddhist theories of consciousness and rebirth.

The First holds that, because cause gives rise to effect which in turn becomes the cause of further effect, consciousness must be continual. It follows on and on, gathering experiences and impressions from one moment to the next. At the point of physical death, it follows that a being’s consciousness contains an imprint of all these past experiences and impressions, and the actions, which means action. It is thus consciousness, with its attendant Karma, which then becomes reborn in a new body, animal, human or divine.

Interdependence is a fundamental law of nature. Not only myriad forms of life, but the most suitable level of material phenomenon, is also governed by law of interdependence. All phenomenon, from the planet we inhabit to the oceans, clouds, forests and flowers that surround us, arise in dependence upon suitable patterns of energy. Without their proper interaction, the dissolve and decay.

Defiance of the interdependence has not only harmed the natural environment, but human society also. It is the awareness about the law of interdependence that brings peace and happiness.


Abhidhamma: The root cause of human suffering and the way out of it
A beginningless ignorance: Bringing to an End
Buddhism: A requiem for human relationship
Domestically oriented global interdependence
Ever changing process
Fundamental spiritual vision of interconnectedness
Interdependence of myths
Interdependent world
Law of Causation
Oneness of the humanity
Paticca Samuppada: The law of dependent origination
Transcendental dependence
Power of Compassion
The practice of donation: Law of causation
Contentment, Not Consumerism
Appraisal & Summing UP