External Affairs - Cross-Border Relations

External Affairs - Cross-Border Relations

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Author: S K Singh
J N Dixit/K V Rajan
Publisher: Roli Books
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 234
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8174362649


J.N. Dixit -About the Book:

"External Affairs focuses not only on the conventionally defined neighbourhood of India but also on the broader and relevant strategic neighbourhood and includes separate chapters on India's relations with Afghanistan and China.

The authors of these essays are not only known for their scholarly abilities but also for their knowledge about the historical, socio- cultural and economic impulses which have influenced India's relations with these countries. Their credentials have additional authenticity because most of them have hands-on experience as senior Indian Foreign Service officers who have been posted in these countries and who have played a direct and personal role in assessing political developments and advising the government on policy options."

South Asia is an area of tension and conflict due to the current situation in Afghanistan, the hostility between India and Pakistan, the tensions between Bhutan and Nepal and the ethnic conflicts in Sri Lanka, which has ramifications for India.

Moreover, with India and Pakistan becoming de facto nuclear weapons states, tensions have mounted and the focus has shifted to the importance of strategic environment in South Asian region. The asymmetry between India and its South Asian neighbours, in terms of demography, natural resources, levels of economic development, technological capacities and military strength has affected India's relations with most of its neighbours.

The nuclear weaponisation of India and Pakistan has also profoundly affected the security environment in the region. An analysis of the relations between India and her neighbours, both in the bilateral framework and in terms of collective regional interaction, is therefore pertinent and timely.

Complete list of Authors: S.K. Singh, J.N. Dixit, K.V. Rajan, C.V. Ranganathan, M.H. Ansari, Deb Mukharji, Salman Haidar

General Editor: J.N. Dixit