The Sword of Tipu Sultan

The Sword of Tipu Sultan

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Author: Bhagwan S Gidwani
Publisher: Allied Publishers
Year: 1990
Language: English
Pages: 372
ISBN/UPC (if available): 81-291-1475-5


A historical novel about the life and legend of Tipu Sultan of India.

This historical novel tells the story of Tipu Sultan, the man, the lover, the soldier, the prince, and the king. It speaks also of those who loved and betrayed him, of charming ladies and brilliant men around him, of his greatness and the crafty stupidity of his contemporaries and the wit and the folly of his times.

Based on extensive research and original sources, it is an original contribution to historical literature which gives new insights into the character of its hero, and the period in which he lived.

The novel vividly portrays the drama of Tipu's times and recaptures the amazing spirit of the man who in the midst of disaster lost neither his dignity nor his love nor his faith in the values he cherished. He chose to court death when he could have saved himself, for he firmly believed that his sacrifice would serve as an example for the future generations of India.