Myths and Romance Stories from the Puranas

Myths and Romance Stories from the Puranas

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Author: Sri Dilip Mukhopadhyay
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 1995
Language: English
Pages: 156
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171672515


It was not the practice in ancient India to denigrate the body as the abode of the devil .. Life was clearly dichotomized between the amatory and the ascetic and both types of experience were equally the merging of the waters of the Ganga and the Yamuna at Prayaga, the twin streams of human love - love of God and love of men for women - found their apotheosis through the transcendent union of male and female in the image of the androgynous deity, Ardhanarisvara.. This is what explains the co-existence in traditional temple architecture.

This book captures this multivalent vision through its perceptive treatment of myth and legend.

The stories depict an unusual charm which creates an enigmatic aura. The book is characterized by a swiftness of narrative and epic breadth of vision.